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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Loose skin or scars?

I've been below my initial goal weight (160) for some time now. I have hovered up and down. My happiest weight (where I felt best and my size six clothes were only JUST starting to become too loose) was 147. I got down to 142 following a bad bout of tightness with my band and didn't like it probably because of how I got there and the associated weakness from not being able to eat properly.
So anyway, here I am. Back in my size 6 clothing and ranging from 154-156.
I look great in clothes. But it's summertime. Bikinis. And I have become fixated on my problem areas. The typical post-bariatric surgery problem areas. You know. Arms (aka bat wings). Lower tummy (aka apron). Inner thighs (aka WTF?!?!?!).
Most people upon learning that I've had weight loss surgery and lost more than 100lbs ask if I've had surgery to 'fix anything' and are shocked to learn that I haven't. They, apparently, don't see what I see.
I find myself googling pics of the results of these surgeries. And I am quite sure I've decided that for ME, what I have is better than what I'd end up with. Loose skin is better for me than frankenstein scars.
I would LOVE to get my arms fixed, but an elbow to armpit scar just doesn't appeal.
I'd LOVE to get a lower body tuck and tummy tuck, but a scar that goes all the way around my hips just doesn't appeal.
But still, I'm fixated. and unhappy with my body post surgery.
I work in a hospital and bumped into our great local cosmetic surgeon on Friday and told him I'd like to come in for an evaluation.... he knows I have no interest in his surgery, but I know that he, better than anyone, can evaluate my arms, thighs and tummy and let me know realistically whether continued intense working out and eating healthy is likely to improve these areas. Or if it really is just a loose skin situation that would only be resolved with surgery.
Anyone else struggling with these thoughts?
Any of you had surgery? If so - pleased with the results?


Cat said...

I'll be having my batwings lifted at the end of August. There is just no way I can live with these things. The extra skin is seriously 4" of hang. I am willing to live with the armpit to elbow scar. It's likely the only one I'll have though. I don't think I'll have the money or the desire to get the rest taken care of. I completely understand what you're going through. I'll post pics etc after my surgery.

Steph said...

Well, I know that plastic surgery is just such a very personal thing and what is right for one person, may not be right for the next person. When it comes to having my neck done, I don't regret that for a moment. I never liked my neck (a jowly neck was a genetic trait) and after losing weight, it becamse so much worse in my eyes and I couldn't enjoy the visual of all the work I had put myself through. Having my neck lift did wonders for my self esteem.

Now that I am scheduled for my Fluer De Lis tummy tuck (which will be a vertical and lateral scar) PLUS, a boob lift and restructuring, I know I am going to look like I met with Hannibal Lecter. That being said, I KNOW I will never be in a bikini, so who the "f" cares. Having a flat midsection and a non-muffintop upper midsection and perky SYMMETRICAL boobs is worth every battle scar I have to carry. I went through all this work to love myself and how I look. I know that surgery does not equate happiness, but it's going to make a hell of a lot of difference for me :)

And i did speak extensively with my doctor to find out if exercise would realistically be able to help my midsection and it was a big no.

Sandy said...

Go for the consult and if you can afford it, go for it. I had a boob reduction years before the band and was ecstatic. I would love a tummy tuck--get rid of the roll and tummy flap but realistically at 59 don't think I will. I actually spent loads of money on capping all my teeth with veneers because that was what bothered me most. It's an individual decision. I never wore a bikini and guess what, never will. Just go see what can be done and you will know if you want to go further. And sometimes we just have to be happy with what we have, because as you say, others don't really notice.

Beth Ann said...

It is a personal decision and you have to do what is right for YOU! For me, with my arms, I got them done and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I have pit to elbow scar, but no one ever notices it. There was no "not noticing" my flabby arms before. As far as my boobs, I couldn't care less about the scars because they are perky like they never were and I would also do that again.

Again, everyone has a different feeling about what will make them happy.

Barbara said...

Um.. let's see what haven;t I had done!! TT, boob, neck, face, lipo eyelids.. yeah.. I love my surgeon and he loves my wallet.. but I havent had the arms yet.. that scar scares me too. but I would fix that next. The best bang for my buck was the TT .. no question about it.. no muffin top ever again or sagging apron skin.. I say go for it .. if its right for you..