How I'm Doing So Far

Sunday, July 24, 2011

catchin up.... bad blogger

I've been terribly delinquent and for that, I apologise. No good reason... just life getting in the way of blogging! So to try and catch up, BULLET points post!

  • Bootcamp ended a week ago. But I'm signed up for the next cycle which starts Tuesday at 5am. Lots of the women who did this one are coming back so they're going to create two sessions.... one for us and one for newbies.
  • Those of us who completed the first cycle now have brown shirts. Five of us also got special tan shirts because we're the ones who the trainers feel gave it our all and truly committed! Wow!
  • I lost 2lbs and at least an inch all over since starting this extreme exercise, but my body is so much tighter and more toned than ever before. I still have lots of work, but it's getting there.
  • Have been thinking about having a consult with a plastic surgeon. i have NO interest in having surgery, but would like his honest opinion on whether my arms, inner thighs and lower tummy can be 'fixed' with exercise and diet. I guess i just want to be able to set realistic expectations for myself.
  • Here's a link to an article I wrote on the whole experience for my newspaper. The trainers' phones were RINGING off the hook for days with people wanting in the next cycle! 
  • Tried on a pair of size medium linen shorts yesterday and was swimming in them. even the size smalls were a bit looser than looked right!
  • I went to Florida last weekend for a much needed wardrobe shopping excursion. Pants comfortably in a size 6, tops ALL size small. Very daunting trying to build an entire wardrobe from scratch!!!
  • Of course I get home, proud that I now have clothes that fit me, only to be told that at least 2 of the size 6 pairs of pants are too loose and I should have gone down a size. WTH!
  • Jeans shopping is OF THE DEVIL regardless of your size. I FINALLY found a pair that I liked and that fit well (I think) and left it at that for the time being!!!!
  • went to a baby shower yesterday and since i couldn't volunteer to be the 'baby' in the blindfolded feed the baby game, i did volunteer to be the baby in the dress the baby relay.... pre lapband would NEVER have volunteered to be front and centre like that. Oh... and I won a prize because I was able to identify the most melted chocolate bars in diapers...... nice one!
  • spent the afternoon with friends and their kids at the pool in my neighbourhood. rockin a bikini and not in the least bit self conscious!
  • going to spend some serious time this weekend catching up on blogs and reading all the lovely intros Draz has been doing for Boobs.... can't believe how quickly that's approaching. can't wait!!!!!!!!