How I'm Doing So Far

Thursday, January 13, 2011

And we're walking... We're walking

That insurance ad makes me laugh for some stupid reason....

But what I mean is *I* am walking.

On Saturday at 6am I'm walking the 5k Bahamas Susan j nomen walk for the cure. It's taking place on paradise island and is an official part of marathon Bahamas weekend. The marathon and half marathon take place in Nassau on sunday.

5k is a bit longer than my usual almost daily power walks so I'm thinking the hardest part will be getting out of bed at 5am!!!

I'm excited and proud. 6 month ago I couldnt have imagined walking 5k. I'm hoping next year I'll be able to run it. Its one of my goals to run a 5k.

I picked up my race package today. Got my t-shirt, water bottle, scarf (was sad to open it and realize it wasn't a bandana!) and my official race number to wear.

Maybe next year all you runners will come down to paradise and join in!!!

slight gain and recommitting to the basics

official weigh in today and i was at 184.6 so up .6.... of course i haven't had a poo in a couple days so that could be easily remedied with a night time cuppa smooth move tea.... however, i'm obviously not going down at the rate i want to be going.

Accountability time. 

I have had a small cup of ice cream - about 1/2 - 3/4 cup on Sunday and 2 chocolate bars this week. I've also had a few small packs of cheetos.

Now I'm quite sure these indiscretions are not causing major weight gain, but they're certainly not the best choices and if i want to ever see 170-something on the scales I need to buckle down.

To all the super good bandsters out there... here's my disclaimer.... I DO NOT INTEND TO GIVE UP TREATS OR START FEELING GUILTY WHEN I DO INDULGE.... in my mind that kind of behaviour is akin to dieting and I HAVE GIVEN UP DIETS FOREVER.

That said, I intend to make good choices this week and monitor my consumption so that i can get a real indication of whether I NEED a fill or just WANT one so that BETSY ends up doing all the heavy lifting.

So starting today I'm going to keep track of what I'm eating, my satisfaction level afterwards and when I feel hungry again. I'm going to eat primarily protein and give the treats a rest until I gauge my true restriction level.

This morning I had a grande caramel macchiato with two packs of raw sugar.
For lunch I have leftover chicken, rice and veggies that I didn't eat last night because my tummy wasn't feeling up to it and I wasn't really hungry.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shorter Still and getting further away from goal

So yesterday afternoon I had a fitness evaluation. Same routine they did back in late June. Let's just say i'm a helluva lot more fit than I was back then. And smaller. And shorter.

Yup. Appears I've shrunk again. The wellness centre has a new scale and height measuring thingy and when i started this whole process, i thought i was 5'6" - thought that my entire adult life. they said nope, you're 5' 5 1/2". Then the doc who did my physical tried to tell me i was 5' 5 flat. I wasn't buying it. So yesterday, they told me i am in fact 5' 4 1/2"!!! What the hell?!?!?!

Sooooo... if this is indeed the case, that means I need to reassess my goal weight. 160 was the highest I could be at 5 5 1/2.... My nutritionist said in that case we'd knock 10lbs off and make it 150. So now I have 34 instead of 24lbs to lose. Aye Aye Aye.

So I'll keep on keepin on. Should get the report with all my numbers and comparisons tomorrow when i go back to the wellness centre.... will post for those who find that kind of thing interesting once i get it.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ahhhh... sweet restriction

Dr D gave me back .5cc of the 1cc he took out 2 weeks ago. I think he was a bit skeptical about my true need for one considering I lot 2.6lbs this week, but I assured him that I was doing all the work and not the band so he gave me a bit back.

And it worked. I definitely am not as tight as I was at 6cc, but tighter than I was at 5cc....  and this 5.5 is more comfortable than I was at 6 even before it got swollen and bothered.

So I feel I'm at a good place right now. And now that all the holiday madness is over and I'm no longer faced with tables and tables of appetizers and desserts, I am in good shape.

I brought in what was left in a container of my mom's super duper split pea soup for lunch, but on the way to work I noticed Shepard's Pie on the menu board for a local restaurant. I LOOOOOVVVVE and have been seriously crazing shepard's pie for ages so even though I brought lunch I decided to go get some to eat for dinner and over the weekend.

I only ate a wee bit of soup at about 10:30 so at 3 was cold and hungry so opened up the shepard's pie..... i am sooooooo disappointed. it's not shepard's pie at all. it's a huge chunk of spicy meatloaf and mashed potato with some cheese on it. blech.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cover Girl - pics included and weigh in update

Well not quite, but I'm one of the patients being featured in a local lapband commercial campaign!!

Yesterday we did the first part of the shoot and i think it went well. Helps that I have a background in television news and so am used to and comfortable being on camera. We have a couple more shots to get today and again on Tuesday and then the editor gets to do his magic.

Here's what he had to work with!

I got to go have my makeup professionally done for the shoot - there's no way I could apply makeup that would look right under the glare of television lights. This afternoon I have to get it done again before heading to my surgeon's office.

I already had an appt for a top up (re-fill) so they'll get the shots of me with him at the same time.

Not sure if I need to go back up to 6cc, but definitely need more. I am quite sure that if I allowed myself to, that i could eat way more than 1cup in a single sitting. in fact at some of the various parties and get togethers i've been to over the past 2 weeks i am quite sure that i have scarfed down more than a cup's worth of appetizers at a time.

I'm also feeling hungry a lot more and certainly sooner after i've eaten than i should.

So I know a fill is in order.... just not sure how much to go for. I guess we'll go up to 6cc and i will try drinking and see how that feels. 6cc worked fine for me for quite a while and it was only after a few pb episodes that it must have gotten irritated and tightened up that I had problems and had to have 1cc removed.

Will update on the fill situation later.

Oh... and since I've gotten the eating, exerising and weight thing under control already, my New Year's Resolution clearly needs to be blogging more consistently!

went to weigh in this morning so that i could drink lots before my fill this afternoon and not see the water on the scale.... down 2.6lbs to 184. Christmas weight is gone baby!