How I'm Doing So Far

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Powerwalks and Bravery

Got up this morning determined to put on my walking shoes and head out into the world. I did a half hour stroll around the neighbourhood at a pretty decent clip. Felt good to be up and about.
Ever since the incessant burping stopped on Tuesday, I've had incessant backache. It's weird in that it's mid to upper back, but It doesn't feel like it's muscular. It's just a constant dull ache. It got bad last night and kept waking me up. At least I can now lie on my tummy, so that can provide a bit of relief. I called the surgeon's office to see if he knows what's up and more importantly, can do something about it. I wonder if it's a)trapped gas or b)pain caused by a core that's weak after being sliced and diced a week ago. I'm to call back in about an hour when he's scheduled to be in office so hopefully I'll get some resolve because this is not fun.
I also went out to buy a new ceiling fan today. funny that i suffer all summer with a dead one and am now replacing it only because i have a buyer! Guess that goes along with cleaning my house before the housekeeper comes. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this.
In my title I mentioned 'bravery.' It's been interesting that a few people who've sent me notes wishing me well with my recovery have called me 'brave' for having the lap band surgery. i found that outlook interesting because bravery never really factored into it for me. i guess having lived with this obesity disease all my live i saw the surgery as essential.
the other thing that's come up since people found out i either was having or had the surgery is how many of them never saw me as 'big enough to need surgery.' at 5'5" 262.5lbs size 20 i was well and truly a candidate, but funny that they didn't see me as obese.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring

Tropical Depression #16 is making its way towards us. The system only formed yesterday morning so its unusual to have this weather without days of anticipation and worry. It's POURING out and the winds are definitely gusting. Guess my friend who also had a surgical procedure last week and I won't be headed to the mid-day movies after all. :(

I forgot to mention the other day that when I met with Dr Diggiss we set the date for my first fill. October 21st. Should be interesting!!!

Today was the day i could move on to full liquids and pureed foods. Of course this morning I woke up and really had to think about what I wanted for breakfast because I really wasn't hungry. Anyway, i decided to play it safe and had 1/4 cup of low fat vanilla yogurt. It was very yum and although i probably could have had easily twice as much of it, I don't feel hungry. I think for lunch I may puree down my fave vegetarian baked beans and see how that goes. I also have a smorgasbord of homemade soups to choose from so no worries about me starving.

Hopped on the scale this morning (as I always do) and down to 207.8. Holy smokes I'm getting close to Onderland. It's crazy to think that when I first met with Sam the patient advocate for the lapband programme, I couldn't even envision being 230 at that point. I still have to remind myself that although it seems like forever because I've been so committed and learned so much, I only started this process on June 12. holy smokes!

Oh.... some good non-band related news. i got a firm offer on my condo yesterday. Thank JESUS. It's been on the market since early January and other than one ridiculously insulting low ball offer just after it was listed.... nothing..... I'm building a house that will be ready by the end of the year/early January for me to move into and I really didn't want to be carrying both. I had someone else already scheduled to come look at it yesterday afternoon so told them that i have an offer and will need a decision because i need to respond to the potential buyer. will call the second people today to see if they want it, if not, i'm accepting. it's about $10k lower than appraised, but in this market that's pretty good!!!!

So looks like next week while I'm still off work but should have lots more energy I'll be starting the sorting and packing process. They want to close within 45 days. Looks like I could be moving back here to my old bedroom at my parents' house for a month or so if all goes well.

Ok.... off to do some editing work

Monday, September 27, 2010

Day Five Post Op

Can't believe I haven't been on here since Friday. All's going well, but have been more or less chilling and checking emails on my bberry and haven't bothered powering up the laptop until tonight. it's been kind of refreshing not to be tethered to it for a few days actually.

ok. so here goes with recovery update.

today the gas FINALLY subsided. Good LORD that was pretty awful. No shoulder tip pain, but I swear I burped non-stop from the time I was in the recovery room. Today it's been really quite bearable though there is still a bit of gas still in me.

in large part due to that, today i've gotten in far more liquids than i have any other day. Thursday or Friday night I was developing a helluva headache and I know it was from being dehydrated. My diet so far has consisted of popsicles (for some reason they were going down easier than sipping liquids was in the early days), chicken broth, the broth from wonton soup my parents had, apple/grape/lemon/ginger juice i made myself, coconut water and water. Not very inspiring, but i'm amazed that 5 days out i'm still not in the least bit hungry and having to remind myself to drink. i know that will change soon, but enjoying it for the time being.

Gross out alert - Had first bowel movements today. Absolute liquid, but at least things are starting to move along.

Had my first doctor's visit with Dr Diggiss this morning and he removed the bandaging so i can finally see my incisions. He was pleased with my healing and progress and Wednesday i've been given the go ahead to move on to both full liquids and pureed foods. that will be good as i'll be able to start getting my protein in.

i was shocked at how exhausted my little outing to the doctor's office made me. i came home, said i was going to take a nap, and woke up 3 hours later! Hoping that doesn't prevent me from sleeping well tonight.

thinking maybe wednesday night i may move back to my place. it's nice being at mom and dad's though.... i think i may go stir crazy being on my own at home for almost 2 weeks.

with the bandages off i was able to have my first shower today. Bliss. Though my friend michelle who's also my hairdresser did come over yesterday to wash my hair in the kitchen sink. i have super oily hair and skin so 5 days of no shampoo was awful. i was prescribed an antibiotic liquid soap and an antibiotic ointment that i need to use for the next 10 days.

oh... and since surgery i've lost 6lbs taking me to 210. that's down 52.5 since starting the process in mid-June. Wow.... just realised that I've officially lost more than half the weight to get to my initial goal of 160. amazing.

will take tummy pic tomorrow to post. promise

Friday, September 24, 2010

Day two post op

I'm starting to feel human again. The gas is still working its way out. I've been burping pretty much non stop since recovery room. But last night Dr Diggiss told me to get some liquid gravol to help with the nausea and help me sleep. I got in a few good hours before gas build up forced me awake and up for a bit. Took some more gravol and had a bit more sleep - probably should have upped the dosage since the liquid form is for children.

Still no real pain from any of the incision points. I'd post a pic, but mine are all covered up with bandages and tape so really nothing to see yet. Those don't come off until I see Dr D on Monday morning for my follow up.

I'm taking in more liquids today after nothing more than about a cup and a half over the past 2 days. Critical to get the liquids in so I'm doing my best.

Absolutely no hunger still which surprises the heck out of me. Will be thrilled if that keeps up at least until I graduate to full liquids which should be mid next week.

Just washed my hair with a no-water shampoo I discovered a few weeks before surgery. I have super oily skin and hair so not being able to shower and wash it was going to drive me nuts. at least now i feel a bit more clean.

Definitely feeling more up to walking around today than i had before so just puttering around the house. it's way too hot to venture outside just yet, plus until i'm getting in more and more liquids i really don't want to chance it.

ok. back to recuperating..

oh - and to everyone in chicago - HAVE A BLAST!!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

middle of the night ramblings

I intend to post often because this immediate post-op stuff was what i really devoured in everyone else's blog.... so hopefully newbies will find my experiences helpful.

C02 gas is OF THE DEVIL. Luckily I read in the blog world about Gas-x strips and stocked up while I was away last week. and luckily the gas seems quite happy to come out in huge burps rather than get lost and travel up to my shoulders.

what this means though is so far I've managed to sleep a whopping 1/2 hour tonight. it's 1:37 right now and  it's burp fest in here.

I've also learned that the C02 gas tastes the same coming out as it did going in. kinda wishing this gas would start pushing out the other end as it's made me quite nauseous and i'm desperately trying to force back the vomiting attempts by body is making on its own.

Since getting home from hospital around 3:30 yesterday afternoon i've consumed about 1/4 cup of water, 2 table spoons of liquid ibuprofen and that's it. it's all making me nauseous. hoping a night of burping this gas out will mean i can start consuming liquids tomorrow without incident. Besides - i need to start taking my liquid antibiotics tomorrow as well.

on another topic - i took the plunge and announced on facebook last night that my lap band surgery had gone A-OK...... very few people on facebook knew I was having the surgery before that. but the support and kind comments have been overwhelming.

in fact, a friend called and confided that she'd had the surgery in mexico about 4 years ago!!!! I thought it was very cool that my sharing my story encouraged her to share hers with me.

ok..... gonna go walk around again in hopes i can push this crap out of my body!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alive and well

I'll blog the full experience tomorrow, but just wanted post quickly to let you know i'm alive. i'm well. and i'm banded!

got home around 3:30 this afternoon and have slept on and off most of the time. no pain to speak of other than a throbbing in my middle back. no idea what that's caused by. have had a heating pad on for a while to try and ease that.... it's kind of like the backache you get with period cramps, but not as low down.

i've had next to no liquids today..... even a sip makes me feel nauseous. was just walking slowly around the house with my dbf when a serious wave of nausea hit... so i'm back in bed and doing all i can to prevent throwing up.

hoping tomorrow i'll be able go drink my clear liquids and move around a bit more. so far none of that shoulder tip pain i'd been dreading, but perhaps that's what's causing the back pain. and i'm burping pretty well.

thanks all for the well wishes and for keeping me in your prayers today. the love is being felt for sure!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tick tock - one more sleep

until I'm banded!

It's 10:30 at night and i'm only just settling down. have to be at the hospital at 6:30am (it's a 5 min drive at that time) so am sleeping at my parents' house tonight. this will be my recovery room i imagine for a week or so until i feel i can manage the three flights of stairs and being alone at my place.

I'm just going to say that picking up a close friend who's just had her own surgical procedure and then spending the next 4 hours taking care of her until her daughter got done with school is probably NOT the best way to spend the night before surgery!

She had an eyelid lift and i think a brow lift and was in MUCH worse shape than i was prepared for. I'm guessing the plastic surgeon doesn't give the full run down to patients for fear they'd freak out and back out.

when i got the call to come for her, i showed up and was given the laundry list of instructions.... including feed her something like mashed potatoes when i got her home..... urgh?!?! i was taking her straight to her house and had no idea what she had available so since she was going to be a little while longer in recovery i dashed around the corner to the KFC drive thru to pick up some mashed potatoes for her.....

yes.... torture.... here i am on clear liquids only having to go to the KFC drive thru!!!

So... onto my surgery..... it's been a helluva ride to get to this point. 3 weeks ago i wasn't even sure it was going to happen. i have faith that this all happened for a reason and i'm going to end up helping lots of others along the way :)

i'm surprisingly not nervous tonight. tomorrow morning may be another story, but i'll deal with that when and if it happens.

i'm excited. excited to be getting my life in order. going further along the road to being the healthiest, fittest, sexiest, happiest me.

i know that post surgery is not going to be easy, but i really do believe that i am extremely well prepared thanks to the intense 3 month programme i've been in. my portion sizes are itty bitty and that's been a gradual weaning down in amount and type of food i consume. and it really hasn't been hard. perhaps because i knew in the back of my head that there was a prize (a band) at the end of the road.

i'm a little bugged that i forgot to bring the horrendous bikini that i've been taking starting and progress pics in. i had planned on taking a set of pics tonight. oh well. i'll do them in a few days when i have scars to show.

speaking of scars. i once wrote a piece in college about how scars are our battle wounds. most of them... the good ones.... have a story to accompany them. like the long thin one along my lower right arm -- i was running around, tripped and sliced it open on a sprinkler head......  and the one on my right index finger knuckle earned when i broke a glass while washing dishes as a kid.....

i have scar therapy stuff (jury's out on how well any of it actually works) but even though i'm adding  more scars to the three gall bladder (laproscopic surgery) and long appendix one (not laproscopic) i'm not going to be ashamed of my scars. i've fought hard for them and they'll serve as a reminder of what i've done to get fit, healthy and sexy.

ok..... if you're still with me -- you're a TROOPER.

Will catch up on the other side.... when i reveal my band's name :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One week left!

It JUST dawned on me that this time next week, I'll be banded. Wow!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The hotel gym

was the happenin' place this evening. Despite having walked a lot today with my travels and then a jaunt around the mall next to the hotel, I made good on my promise to my trainer and hit the hotel fitness centre. I didn't get there until about 8:30 and was shocked that just after I hopped on a treadmill, the place filled up. There had to be at least 10-12 people in the gym and another 5-6 in the indoor pool.

I got myself one of the cute new little ipod nanos today and took that with me to keep me entertained, but was thrilled to discover the cardio machines were all equipped with televisions.

i also got a new pair of tennis when i hit the mall. desperately needed some and these are really comfy. thinking before I leave on Saturday I might break down and invest in a pair of running shoes too..... may be getting ahead of myself, but i really do wanna do a 5k at some point.

before i hit the mall, i got a cab to the nearest wholefoods. I had pre requested a refrigerator in my hotel room and was pleasantly surprised that instead of just shoving a fridge in  little room, they upped me to a big room with a fridge, kitchen sink and microwave. Yipppppeeeeeee!!!!!!! membership does have its privileges.

So at wholefoods I stocked up on two soups, a couple varieties of beans from their hot food bar, some vanilla and some honey ciobani greek yogurts, two containers of fresh, sliced, organic mixed berries and then i hit the juice bar! The one i've been to in florida doesn't have one of these wonderful features. i got 16oz of two of the daily specials -- all sorts of yummy fresh fruits already mixed and i also got a 1oz shot of wheatgrass.

I brought my magic bullet with me so was able to completely blend the soup. yum.

i feel quite proud of myself for sticking with the plan.

and now i'm beat so it's off to bed

My God! They do exist!!!!

My collarbones, that is. All of a sudden, they've made an appearance :)

I think my body has undergone some major shifts in size and shape in the last week. My trainer told me he sees that I'm really slimming down and started calling me 'Slim'. lol. far from it, but nice to hear!

My nutritionist is a godsend. We sat down after my training session last night and went over the eating game plan from now until surgery IN A WEEK AND A HALF..... she's taken me off the full liquids while I'm travelling and says I can go ahead with the soft/pureed foods stage. That will make travelling and staying in a hotel a heck of a lot easier and she was concerned about my low energy levels experienced over the weekend of doing liquids only. As soon as I get back Saturday evening I'm back on full liquids until tuesday evening when i have nothing in prep for surgery the next morning.

I hopped on her scales and was down to 222 1/2 - that's about 7 1/2 down in 3 days of liquids and officially 40lbs gone.

Ok my lovelies. Hoping i'll have time to check in to post and read while i'm away, but for now need to go finish my laundry - was just too tired last night to deal.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I hate packing

I hate packing even more when all of a sudden, nothing in my closet seems to fit! I'm headed to Atlanta tomorrow for a workshop and ended up spending way more time than i'd anticipated sorting out clothes to take because i've clearly gone down a pant size!

Don't get me wrong.... i am NOT complaining about this situation at ALL!!!!! It was amusing last night to see how some of those pants just don't cut it anymore and then had to dig around to try on the next size. So I've officially gone from bustin' out of my 20's into a 16.

The pants I'm wearing today I think are on their last wear. They're an 18, but have some stretch to them so while they start out ok in the morning, by mid day, they are baggy.

good things. but i still have to pack tonight! ugh!!!!

another thing struck me today..... i am a scale whore. every day, sometimes many times a day, i hop on that scale to see what it's going to tell me. this works for me, so not looking for any well intentioned advice against my habit. i mention it only to say that i found myself this morning wondering if the hotel fitness centre (which looks quite nice) has a scale. if not, i'm going to be clueless as to my weight for 5 days! if there is no scale i guess the only solace is i'm on a liquid diet so it really can only go down from here so i'll have a nice BIG surprise when i get home.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thoughts on the liquid diet and brazillians

So this is day three and I'm actually enjoying this. Call me crazy, but I think having the Omega juicer and the vitamix blender is really and truly helping me along.

that and the fact that since starting it friday morning i've lost close to 6 more lbs! I'd been hovering around 227 on my scale (which i think is about 3 pounds lighter than my nutritionist's scale) for a couple of weeks. This morning i saw 221.6 on the scale! At this rate i should be well into the 2-teens by the time i hit surgery!

that means i've lost more than 40lbs since starting the pre-surgery programme nearly 13 weeks ago. That's 3.14lbs a week average. Stoked!!! How amazing if I can knock off another 10lbs before surgery in a week and a half and that would mean I managed to lose half of my goal weight loss without the aid of the band.

This morning I juiced cucumber, lime and frozen strawberries and whipped them up into a smoothie with low fat vanilla yogurt. got a good amount of protein in the yogurt so didn't mix in protein powder.

at noon am headed out in the boat for what will likely be my last time at Rose Island this year so just juiced some tangelos, an orange, some ginger and lime and put it in a flask. will take a scoop of protein powder to shake in when it's time to eat. also taking along a few coconut waters to get me by.

Soooo.... a few of you have asked me to report in on yesterday's brazillian bikini wax. Let's just say it wasn't as humiliating as i'd anticipated. my technician was extremely professional. she was also really good. it took a while because she explained she prefers to use smaller strips in order to minimise pain. it was also a LOT less painful than i'd anticipated. the left side really didn't hurt at all.... the right side, for some odd reason, was more sensitive and it smarted a bit more, but still not something i'd rank highly (if at all) on the list of most painful experiences.

That said, not sure it's a look i'd go for just for shits and giggles.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

It finally feels real

Up until now I've not really gotten into the whole band thing. I've been following my nutrition programme and working out like a demon and losing weight, but until I got that call from the surgeon Thursday night I wasn't really on the 'bandwagon'.

Well all that has changed.

Even though the nutritionist said we could start liquids after I see her Monday evening, I decided to start them yesterday (how's THAT for motivation!) because I'd rather have the weekend to get used to it since I travel Tuesday.

I picked up my huge tubs of Raw Protein and Raw Meal both by Garden of Life and started liquids only yesterday.

REALLY, REALLY, REALLY glad I got that super duper juicer and the vitamix blender now! So far I've been juicing oranges and tangelos, apples, had coconut water and made broth with an Oxo cube. So far so good, but it's only been a day and a meal. I am sure tomorrow I'm going to be a raging biatch!!

But I think the fight I went through last week just to be able to have this surgery has numbed any urge to complain about the prep process.

Am having a Brazillian (probably not EVERYWHERE) today as part of my surgery prep. Would rather have my bits waxed by a professional than shaved with a pink plastic bic razor at the hospital!! This is going to be interesting as I've never done anything more than bikini line waxing before.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Gods are smiling...

...and so am I!

After a week of hell created by the stupid insurance company, things have ended on a high note. Surgery is going ahead on the 22nd of this month. That's like a week and a half away!

I will be doing self pay locally, but it won't be at the full amount. My surgeon is determined to have me in his programme and is 'committed' to doing whatever it takes. 

Looks like the hard work I've put into the pre-op programme has paid off in ways I never imagined. 

I am exhausted from the array of emotions I've gone through this week, but so happy. I think somewhere in the back of my mind leading up to this week was still a niggling thought about whether I truly needed this lapband surgery. well having the option seemingly ripped away from me by the insurance company made me realise how badly i want and need this. and now, with so many amazing people so solidly in my corner,  i KNOW i will succeed.

my nutritionist feels i'm ok waiting till I go to her place Monday for a training session to get started on the liquids only diet, but since I'm travelling Tuesday through Saturday, I've decided I'd rather ease into it now so by the time i'm getting on a plane and staying in a hotel, I'm in a good groove. So this morning I juiced oranges. YUM.

Will pop into her office after a mid-morning meeting out her way to get the protein powder and other goodies I'm gonna need.

I've got a crazy schedule from now through mid October at this point - In Atlanta Tues 14-Sat 18 for a workshop. At work Mon and Tuesday 20 and 21. Surgery Wednesday 22. Back to work Monday October 11 or Tuseday 12 beause I *think* the 11th is a public holiday. Then off to Austin Texas for a conference October 17-19. Yikes!

Thanks to everyone who's sent such nice messages throughout this ordeal. looks like the positive vibes really do work :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i was dealing with a moron

so here's the deal. i was denied because

a) I have only been working with the nutritionist and trainer for a three months and this insurance company has decided they require a year


b) because i am not morbidly obese because i've been working with the nutritionist and trainer for 3 months and 'am doing so well.'

What the HELL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I felt like i was losing my mind in the that conversation.

Told the doctor from the insurance company who called me that their policy is insane and that it's CRIMINAL to require me to participate in a programme for an entire year that they don't cover.

I asked if anyone who had just made this decision that will impact MY life has ever been diagnosed as morbidly obese..... she said no, but i don't think that has any bearing.... i said of course it does because

a) none of you can truly empathise with my situation


b) this is fat prejudice at its very worst!

arghhhhhhhh...... my boss is still going to make the call, but i somehow doubt they're going to change their minds.

but that's ok..... since i can't afford to spend nearly $500 a month for a year to only be told no, you've lost way too much weight to need this surgery, then maybe i'll just walk away from it all, pack on a hundred pounds instead of losing it, develop diabetes, heart disease or blood pressure (or how about all three) and then see if they'll approve me because i'm finally sick enough in their books.

i just want to stab someone at that insurance company in the eye with my car key right about now.

Monday, September 6, 2010

It's safe to read this one.... there may be hope... and i've stopped cussin'

thanks you guys who commented below. For those who were skeered to read the post below because of the cussin warning, essentially I found out this morning that the insurance company denied me for lapband surgery and i have to wait till tomorrow to find out why because they didn't have the decency to offer an explanation even to my surgeon. this after receiving a 29 page report compiled by 4 medical specialists who've been working with me over the past 3 months!!!

 I've had many rants and shed many a tear today. Oh yeah. And cussed a helluva lot more than I ever do!

There is possibly a light at the end of the tunnel though. I spoke with my boss about the situation (he didn't know what surgery I was scheduled to be having before encountering me with red eyes and slobbery nose this morning). He is going to go to bat for me!!!! Said to speak with the insurance company doc tomorrow as planned and if i don't get any resolution, he'll give a higher up a call and tell them to get off their asses and approve me because the company has no problem with it and will eventually end up paying out.

Soooooo...... wednesday morning i'm meeting with the nutritionist to get started on my 2 week pre-surgery liquid hell. Figure it would REALLY suck if we fight city hall (well the insurance company) and then i end up not being able to have the surgery because i didn't do the required diet.

why do i have to be the one blazing the trail around here?

So pleeeeeeeeeease - fingers, toes and eyes crossed (though the eye thing gives you a raging headache if you do it too long) and positive vibes that i can win this battle.

Cussin' included - not for those with sensitive ears and eyes


Just got a call from the surgeon's office letting me know that my request for surgery has been denied because they say it's not covered by medical plan. What. the. FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK.

right now I hate this FUCKING insurance company more than anything in life.

I called and demanded an explanation and the woman is supposed to call back with a time for an appointment for me with one of the medical directors. Who knows if this will make any difference. I'm going to get a copy of our health plan from work today to see if I can figure out what the deal is.

They won't cover my fucking lapband procedure, but when i don't get this under control they'll be willing to provide high blood pressure meds, surgery for heart disease and diabetes? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

I have worked my fucking ass off for the past 3 months and now this?!?!?

Let's just say this is NOT a good day. Not fucking at all.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I need your advice please

Here's the deal. Surgery is scheduled for September 22, but I still don't know if insurance company is going to cough up. I'm HOPING my case was submitted by the surgeon's office this past Friday when they finally got the nutritionist's report.... tomorrow I'll call to confirm.

I'm a bit make that very annoyed that the submission to the insurance company is so late. I feel like I've done my part and jumped through all the hoops, the least I should expect is that all my docs should have done their part. And I'm annoyed that the surgeon's office wasn't on the phone badgering the hell out of them all especially when I called a week ahead of my surgeon's appt to advise that due to work travel I had a very small window of opportunity to have this surgery otherwise we'd probably be looking at scheduling it for next year!?!?!

Anywaze..... now that I've gotten that off my chest..... here's my dilemma that I'm hoping you can all weigh in on (pun intended).

If surgery is indeed going ahead on September 22, I need to start my mandatory 2 week liquids-only diet on Wednesday coming. I told my nutritionist on Thursday that there was no way in HELL I was putting myself through that ordeal if I didn't have confirmation from the insurance company first.

She said she thought i could and should do it and felt that regardless of the insurance company and surgery, I'd be thrilled with the results..... I think I was just seething about the fact that because they all slacked off, I was in this predicament in the first place and said hell no! Especially since I'll be travelling for work from the 14-18th while doing the liquid diet.

A couple days later, i'm wondering if I should just bite the bullet and go ahead with it just in case regardless of whether we have the go ahead from the insurance company before Wednesday. If they come back and decline me, I can always stop the stupid liquid diet before I go away the following Tuesday.

Those of you who've done liquids only (and unless I'm mistaken, my doc means this will be 2 weeks of clear liquids (essentially a fast).... what would you do if you were in my position??????

an award and other things

1. Post who gave you this award
2. State 10 things you like:
  1. Sushi
  2. Puppy breath
  3. Power naps
  4. My Kindle
  5. Early evening power walks and catch up chats with a friend
  6. Days on the beach
  7. Traveling the world
  8. Christmas
  9. Playing with my super duper juicer and vitamix blender
  10. Closet shopping
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment
  1. Fluffy who's been banded for 5+ years
  2. Pie who's doing AWESOME
  3. Grace who's so strong in spite of the challenges she's been facing of late
  4. Catherine whose blog was the first I read from start to finish and inspired me to take this step. Oh yeah. and she has a fabulous bungi (she should know what this means!)
  5. Cindy who should continue to post regularly even if she doesn't think she's got something to say. There are some of us out here hanging on every word!
  6. Miss Vickie who welcomed me so early on and shared my blog with her friends
  7. Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou who always manages to make me smile
  8. Jennifer who has kept a smile on her face and persevered despite having a helluva time with her band. Oh and she cut her hair for locks of love. Awesome!
  9. Carmen who seems like a cool chick I'd love to hang with sometime
  10. Roo whose adventures in the middle east always seem so exotic and exciting!

Last night I went for sushi with a couple of girlfriends. It was a last supper of sorts. I love sushi and am a bit concerned that my band won't let me indulge..... it was lovely and we had a great time. i explained all about how the band works and what my eating habits will be once i'm banded. I even (GASP) told them how much i weigh, weighed at the start of the process in response to the 'you don't want to lose 100lbs though...) query. both were shocked, saying they'd never have imagined i weigh that much. "you hide it well' said one of them.
I wore a pair of lane bryant right fit jeans that I mentioned in my blog here on August 13. They fit, but were creating serious muffin top. 3 weeks later they are getting quite baggy. wow. i haven't really lost much weight in that time period, but glad i'm documenting these little things here so i can track my success in other ways!