How I'm Doing So Far

Friday, November 4, 2011


So I had the unfill last night taking me down to 3cc in my 10cc band.

Here's what's odd.

I have not had insatiable hunger pangs as I've had in the past with the unfills.

My capacity has not increased significantly as it has in the past with the unfills.

Eating does not hurt as it has for the past few weeks or so which is WONDERFUL!

This evening I was down to 140.2 on the scale.

That's 142lbs lost overnight. Ha Ha... can't believe I wrote that I weighed 242lbs yesterday. Old habits die hard.

Was at the physiotherapist again today and I had noticed that for the first time in a while my 'hip' wasn't hurting today. She could feel a significant difference in the muscles while doing the myofacial release and she did some strength testing and i was able to push back in ways I hadn't been able to do when I first saw her.

PROGRESS! She says if i'm like that on Monday then she'll proceed to strengthening exercises. YAY YAY YAY! Am cautiously optimistic that I'm on the road to recovery.

And, she suggested that I consider adding some yoga to my overall exercise mix. She says I don't have awful posture, but definitely improper posture which I shouldn't have considering I am strong. She said it has to to with not being aware of my body because of the rapid weight loss... that my brain hasn't caught up with my new body. There's some technical term she used to describe it and for the life of me I can't remember so I will make a note to get her to write it down when I go on Monday. I want to do some research on it and share it with you too!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

And then there were THREE

THREE cc's left in my 10cc band, that is.

Even though Betsy has definitely eased up on me this week, I pb'd on my campbells potato soup yesterday and decided I needed to go ahead with the unfill.

Dr D and I chatted about it and we're both concerned that with the teensy tiny amounts I'm able to eat that I won't be able to halt the weight loss and at 242lbs this morning and my size 6 suit pants looking like clown pants, I've cried enough.

Who EVER would have imagined that *I* would be asking for help to STOP losing weight?!?!?! lololol gotta love it.

Anyway, I had 5cc in - he'd already reduced it a wee bit since the last complete unfill a month or two ago and decided to try me at 3cc. He said he'll see me in a month to see how Betsy and I are managing.

This evening I know I should be on just liquids but I had a slice of deli ham and it was indeed a pleasure NOT TO FEEL STUCK. Also had a small ice cream cone for medicinal purposes.

Will let you know how things go throughout the weekend. My biggest concern will be managing the hunger pangs. SOOOOOOO.... hard when it's been so long since you've truly experienced them. But I can do it. I know I can.

Oh.... got home this evening and my new bike was waiting for me at the security booth. I walked back there and rode her home. I'm in love! I've called her Pearl since her official colour is 'pearly white'.

Will set her up tomorrow night in the stationary stand unless I can manage to get home early enough to go for a spin.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Betsy has ears

I've never read it in any official medical literature, but I am CONVINCED that lapbands - or maybe just Betsy - have ears.
For TWO weeks I've struggled to eat just about anything and most of what did go down ended up coming back up. MISERABLE.
So yesterday morning I called and made an appointment for a slight unfill with Dr D.
For lunch today I had some fish and potato salad. Not a huge amount, but for the first time in a long time I didn't just feel stuck.
This evening I had a whole mini babybel cheese round and it all went down and stayed down.
How does Betsy always loosen up or tighten up when I make that call??? I bumped into Dr D outside the hospital this evening and had a quick chat with him about it and he said I should just wait and see what happens and if I'm still getting food down, no need for the unfill.
I've said it before and i'll say it again - Betsy is a fickle little bitch!

On another note, I went for a bike ride this morning with a friend on a loaner bike. She was on a racer. I was not. I worked 10x as hard as she did and still felt I was forcing her to slow down. I've decided I like biking and living in the area I do now it's a great option.

So today i went to the local bike store and invested in one. Not cheap, but an investment in me and my health. I also bought this fantastic stationary trainer thing that essentially allows me to turn my bike into a stationary one... I figure with the hours I'm working and time about to change, available daylight hours are going to be hard to come by so this nifty contraption eliminates that excuse!