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Friday, January 7, 2011

Ahhhh... sweet restriction

Dr D gave me back .5cc of the 1cc he took out 2 weeks ago. I think he was a bit skeptical about my true need for one considering I lot 2.6lbs this week, but I assured him that I was doing all the work and not the band so he gave me a bit back.

And it worked. I definitely am not as tight as I was at 6cc, but tighter than I was at 5cc....  and this 5.5 is more comfortable than I was at 6 even before it got swollen and bothered.

So I feel I'm at a good place right now. And now that all the holiday madness is over and I'm no longer faced with tables and tables of appetizers and desserts, I am in good shape.

I brought in what was left in a container of my mom's super duper split pea soup for lunch, but on the way to work I noticed Shepard's Pie on the menu board for a local restaurant. I LOOOOOVVVVE and have been seriously crazing shepard's pie for ages so even though I brought lunch I decided to go get some to eat for dinner and over the weekend.

I only ate a wee bit of soup at about 10:30 so at 3 was cold and hungry so opened up the shepard's pie..... i am sooooooo disappointed. it's not shepard's pie at all. it's a huge chunk of spicy meatloaf and mashed potato with some cheese on it. blech.

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Christine said...

OMG!!! Look how beautiful you are!!! I love that you posted some pictures of yourself! Thank you! Can I hoot and holler at you?? :-) That's awesome that your doctor got your fill all sorted out and that you're at a sweet spot. Ride this wave, pay attention to the restriction (don't try to overeat or eat around the band) and just let it do its job!