How I'm Doing So Far

Thursday, November 3, 2011

And then there were THREE

THREE cc's left in my 10cc band, that is.

Even though Betsy has definitely eased up on me this week, I pb'd on my campbells potato soup yesterday and decided I needed to go ahead with the unfill.

Dr D and I chatted about it and we're both concerned that with the teensy tiny amounts I'm able to eat that I won't be able to halt the weight loss and at 242lbs this morning and my size 6 suit pants looking like clown pants, I've cried enough.

Who EVER would have imagined that *I* would be asking for help to STOP losing weight?!?!?! lololol gotta love it.

Anyway, I had 5cc in - he'd already reduced it a wee bit since the last complete unfill a month or two ago and decided to try me at 3cc. He said he'll see me in a month to see how Betsy and I are managing.

This evening I know I should be on just liquids but I had a slice of deli ham and it was indeed a pleasure NOT TO FEEL STUCK. Also had a small ice cream cone for medicinal purposes.

Will let you know how things go throughout the weekend. My biggest concern will be managing the hunger pangs. SOOOOOOO.... hard when it's been so long since you've truly experienced them. But I can do it. I know I can.

Oh.... got home this evening and my new bike was waiting for me at the security booth. I walked back there and rode her home. I'm in love! I've called her Pearl since her official colour is 'pearly white'.

Will set her up tomorrow night in the stationary stand unless I can manage to get home early enough to go for a spin.


Jessica said...

Yay for the new bike!

Justawallflower said...

So happy that you are able to actually eat comfortably now! and yay for Pearl! We must see pictures!

Kristin50 said...

I damn well know you do not weigh no 242 pounds!!!! LOL

I am glad you are feeling better. I hope the unfill works and you stop losing. You look wonderful!

Amanda said...

I am going for an unfill today. I pb'd the whole day on a smoothie...and yes the smoothie was even melted.

I am scared. I know it is silly but I am losing so well. But I need to eat some solid protein!

I think when I hit my goal I might buy a bike too!! Yay for Pearl!

Dawnya said...

I'm so glad that you got an unfill!!! I hate when I read that my girls are suffering. You will stop losing. Don't worry.

I'm so excited that Pearl arrived. I can't wait to hear about all the adventures you will have together.

Band Groupie said...

Catching up...Glad you finally got some relief (Band and the abdomen!). The Halloween costume looked great...too skinny LOL...who'd have thunk it ;-)

Catherine55 said...

Old habits die hard -- you must mean 142! Don't worry -- your band will even out and you'll stop losing. Way to go on getting an un-fill when you needed one! :)

Stephanie M. said...

I think you mean 142, love. :-)

Beth Ann said...

I did think for a bit that I had completely mixed up my people when I read 242... :) You totally can do this. I mean, look at what you have already done. You are a rock star!!