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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Eleuthera bound

Tomorrow morning a group of friends and I will board a ferry bound for Current, eleuthera. We're going for the Bahamian labour day holiday weekend to participate in the Pineappleman sprint triathlon and partake in the associated festivities of pineapple fest in Gregory town.
Just finished packing... trying to keep it light as possible since there's a crowd of us cramming into just a couple vehicles. Triathlon gear, beach towel, bikini, hat, couple cute sundresses, PJ's, and lots sunblock n mosquito repellent!
Bound to be a great time!
Will take and post some pix as I can



Steph said...

Ok, I am a total dork in need of a lesson in geography, because when I read this at first I thought you were talking about the Aleutian islands, but I was like "Those are near Alaska and she's in the Bahamas".

I need to learn to read, I swear! Have fun (?) doing the triathalon and then relaxing afterwards. I'd love to see photos!

Beth Ann said...

I didn't know where that was either. Kick ass!