How I'm Doing So Far

Monday, June 3, 2013

On the right track

Had a session with my nutritionist today and since Wednesday, am down 2lbs and a half inch off my waist!!!!
What did I do, you ask? I started EATING. The body (mine in particular, it seems) are amazing. It's not about calories in, calories burned. I'm still likely at a deficit, but our goal is to feed my body up to 5 times a day to wake up my metabolism. Anyone with a band knows how tough this can be. But it's mini mini meals. A single mini frittata can be one meal.
My goals for this coming week:
Eat breakfast every day.
Up my water intake - again, a challenge juggling that in with the increased eating frequency, but it can be done.
And..... shoot.... can't remember the other thing. Will email him tomorrow.

Fascinating revelation... when we were discussing meal options for breakfast, we were talking about peanut butter and apple slices. And he asked if I know Nutella. DO I KNOW NUTELLA?!?!?! turns out the commercials with the Mom serving it up on toast to her kids for breakfast isn't a crock of poop after all. Yes, it is higher in sugar and lower in protein, but otherwise, the two match up pretty much identically on the nutrition label. Who'da thunk it.

So My life is about to get even more crazy. Tomorrow I start my first course towards getting certified as a Life/Health Coach! This is tied into my job.... and I'm so excited about it. We are launching a Weight Management Solutions program to help patients with weight - whether they are morbidly obese and opt for surgical intervention, or just can't get those 20-30lbs off. As part of our comprehensive program of medical professionals, we will have a health coach assigned to each patient/client. And I've been selected to be the health coach coordinator and work with patients too. Lots of work ahead, but feels like a PERFECT fit for me.

Thanks to my lovelies Angela, Dawnya and Karin for your kind comments and welcoming me back here. I think Facebook and the fact that I'm linked to you all there is part of the reason I fell off the blogging wagon, but the fact is that we don't share these kinds of things in FB land. It feels good to be back.


Rhonda said...

So glad to see you back, babe! :)

Linda said...

I'm glad you're back! You seem focused again already. I agree about how easy it is to stop blogging when we communicate in other ways like FB. I'm trying to blog more too.

Dawnya said...

Sounds like you have a workable plan. I'm so excited for you. It will all fall in to place. I can't wait to hear about your training. It is awesome that you will be able to work with people who are trying to lose weight. Make sure you keep a before picture with you at all times. That way they know that you have been where they are...and it is possible.

Water intake is the hardest for me. Yesterday I did great with 80oz. I haven't even started drinking any today. Ugh.

Beth Ann said...

Love it!! You got this!

Catherine55 said...

Great to see you back!! Congratulations on all the good things happening for you right now!! :)

Steph said...

I'm trying to plat catch up on blogs, but like what Linda says, when I see everyone online in other ways, looking at blogs just sort of fell by the wayside, but that is going to change. I'm glad you are getting focused again. I'm right there along side you! Big hugs,