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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Triathlons, Eleuthera and living life

Finally getting a moment to catch up on the past few days. Went to Eleuthera Friday morning as planned on the ferry.... lord it felt like we were never going to get there, but was a comfortable ride.
We arrived in Current, Eleuthera and drove down to Gregory Town where the Pineapplethon triathlon was going to be the following morning.
The house we had rented was just a bit further south. Great house except for the fact that the walls in the two pods housing three bedrooms and a bathroom each don't go up to the ceiling -- they're open.... so no privacy and a bit dodgy when it comes to bathroom time....
I felt the views from SeaCliff were well worth it though. Amazing to sit there and look out over the ocean.
We had a relatively early night Friday because it was up early and back to Gregory Town Saturday for the triathlon.
My swim was awesome. Beat one of our guy friends (who's a swimmer, btw) out of the water and was actually the first female out of the water. Felt great to see how my swim training paid off big time.
Apparently I need to start putting more time in on the bike and run as it went downhill from there. My band was tight that morning so no food went in.. I felt like I was biking and walking on fumes.
My friend Ann, who'd run in a relay, came back on the course to run me back home. That was pretty awesome of her.
The day went downhill from there. Once I'd finished, my father pulled me aside to let me know that the call he'd received the night before was to tell him that a dear friend of ours had died suddenly the Friday evening.
I'm still in shock about it. Shlomi was one of the really good guys. We've known him since he and his wife (who is the daughter of some of my parents' best friends) started dating him in college. He left behind 3 young kids. The youngest was born the day he handed me the keys to my house -- he was my contractor as well. She turned 2 in March so will have no personal memories of her awesome dad. Shlomi would have turned 40 this coming Friday. He collapsed and died while playing soccer with some buddies of his. They did this every Friday. I haven't heard yet whether a cause of death has been established.
I also can't believe my dad held that in so long. He waited until I'd finished my race before breaking the news. One of the women in our group who just met him this weekend said to me 'if I hadn't already fallen in love with your dad, I would have for that alone.'
Not sure yet when there will be a memorial service in Nassau. I understand his wife, kids, his brothers (flying in from the US) and his wife's family were all going to take him to Israel to be buried next to his father per his wishes.
Crying again as I write this. RIP Shlomi Zlicha. You are missed.

ok... can't end on the sad note. The weekend, although melancholy, was a good time. I was lucky to be surrounded by great friends.
On Sunday we checked out of our rental house and drove up north to get a ferry over to Harbour Island for the day. We puttered around on our golf carts, had a  lovely lunch and then chilled out on the stunning, world famous, Pink Sand Beach. Bliss.
The slow boat to Nassau got us home around 10, so it was late by the time we got home.
Monday morning, I frantically sorted out my stuff and packed another suitcase, this time for a trip to S. Florida with my 15 yo niece to do some shopping for her for camp. It's been a great couple days. Lots of quality bonding time :)
Tomorrow morning we head home and although I am technically still on vacation, barring a flight delay, I'll go to the company's Annual General Meeting at 6pm.... the fun just never ends.
Ok... off to do my life coaching class homework for Friday morning's class!

Photos from the weekend below

Me and my lil buddy Kami. I didn't even think twice about posing for a photo in a bikini. It didn't even occur to me to use her as a shield until after the pic had been snapped!

Start of the triathlon. A small, but fun field of competitors. We swam out to the white buoy, across to one out of the photo, and back in.

Kami and I checking out the sights from down below our house's cliff

the amazing deck at our rental house. Incredible views.

as if i needed a sign to tell me!

bikes at the start of the triathlon. mine is the second from the left end...

looking down the steps of the cliff face

and looking up. climbing down AFTER the triathlon wasn't my smartest move of the weekend...

Late afternoon at Rainbow Bay Beach

don't ask.... but from this angle my stomach was wonderfully flat!

ugh..... blogger has squished me here!

I never did make it into the water on Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island. I was exhausted and found myself a nice lounge chair under a thatch hut and napped.

I was super impressed to see the healthy options Jet Blue serves onboard. 

That's me. not taking up too much room in my airplane seat. Look at all that seatbelt left over! To think pre-lapband I was a mouthful away from having to ask for the dreaded seatbelt extension thingamajiggy!!!!!!! NSV for sure!!!


Dawnya said...

I need your life. I'm moving in with you next week. LOL

Seriously, I'm sorry about the lost of your dear friend. My prayers are with his family.

Lap Band Gal said...

Great pics!!! So fun!

Darlin1 said...

Great Pic's ....Thanks for sharing!

You do know how to live!


Beth Ann said...

You rock! Amazing!

I'm so sorry about your friend. That is just so tough and scary.