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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When. Oh When. Will. I. Ever. Learn?

Two and a half years post op and I still haven't learned to ALWAYS RESPECT that soft signal that I'm full. Yesterday and again today I had great food days. Ate within my limits, made pretty good choices (only a half a sliver of the cakes at the BBQ) and had no pain or discomfort at all.
Until I decided to take one more teensy, tiny fork of the Italian pasta salad leftovers that I ate for dinner.
One more.... not because I was hungry.  But because it tasted good.  And it was there.  
That one teensy tiny fork of Italian pasta salad got stuck. And after 2+ hours of pain and discomfort, it came back up. Along with much of what had been a perfectly adequate amount for dinner.

I did do a blog post the other day, but stupid blogger ate it.

My appointment with nutritionist last week was a cooking demo. He made tuna oat cakes with fresh fruit and pepper salsa. It was delicious, and I have the recipe. When I get a moment, I'll share... again... stupid Blogger....
Weight was still 160. I was disappointed even though clothes are fitting looser. Nutritionist was thrilled. As he pointed out, that's maintenance over 2 weeks of travel, stress and less than usual exercise. I suppose.
This morning my scale showed 157 so hopefully that means things are moving in the right direction.

Have a great Tuesday!


Darlin1 said...

Like the bento box idea...

Glad the scale is going down!


Beth Ann said...

At first, for some reason, I thought the picture was the remnants of an item "formerly stuck." Hee!

On My Way to Size 8! said...

Great job! I dont know why I dont listen to my body more often too! :)