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Monday, January 16, 2012

Sponsor my Ride for Hope!

I've been bad. No. I've been worse than that. Not a single blog entry since early November. And I honestly haven't been good about keeping up with reading others's blogs. But I can explain. What had happened was..... forget it... the technological excuse that I was using has now been resolved and I'm gonna do better. I promise.

Far too much business been going on for me to even attempt to catch up.

In a nutshell, band was emptied completely then re-filled early December because, as I pointed out to my surgeon (if i were the poster child for discipline and self-restraint I wouldn't have needed a band in the first place). Was doing well and then BAM! for the past 2 weeks Betsy's been tight and irritated. I've backed off food and am trying soup only to hopefully get things to settle down without needing an unfill.

I'm right now at about 148 and feel good here. Wear small and extra small tops and mostly size 6 with some size 4 pants. Can see myself going a bit smaller if I can get back into hardcore exercise but it's not a goal nor is it necessary.

I FINALLY had an MRI on my hip and pelvis after months of rest and physio-therapy failed to improve things. Saw my doc this morning and the good news is: I don't have cancer, nerve damage or arthritis. The bad news is my MRI came back NORMAL! So he was going to come down to the hospital this afternoon and look over it with the radiologist to see if they can find anything by taking various closer looks, but the long and short of it is I still have no resolution.

Work is going well. Keeping me busy, but I'm loving working in a healthcare environment.

sylvia my fur baby is doing well in case you were wondering.

It doesn't look like I'm going to make it to BooBs this year :( -- Earlier in September some girlfriends and I are going to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia as our epic 40th bday trip and I'll be away for almost 3 weeks. I can't really swing another long weekend away (and getting to and from Chicago from here takes about a day of traveling each way because of stupid flight times). Also, just found out that the Triathlon I competed in on a relay last year is the 30th September and i'd promised myself that so long as I can get this hip thing sorted I'll do the whole thing. Worst case I'll swim or bike or both and just get me a runner!

Speaking of biking.... I've registered for the Ride for Hope in April. It's an awesome event that takes place on the island of Eleuthera. The course is 100 miles, but riders can do anywhere from 10 up... they have turnaround points throughout the course. My friend and I are aiming for 51-75, but if training between now and then is consistent and goes well, I might try for a Century. I'm including the link to my Ride for Hope page here so you can check out the event details -- money raised goes towards some very worthwhile cancer-related charities here in The Bahamas. You can also follow along on my training and other random updates. And if you can and feel so inclined, you can sponsor my ride. Everyone who signs up promises to raise at least $250 and I'd LOVE to raise much more. The very lovely (as demonstrated in her recent gorgeous photo shoot) Beth Ann over at Beth Ann's Never-ending Quest for SOMETHING was the first to sponsor me. THANKS LADY!

My Ride for Hope Page

Cheerios my lovelies


trisha said...

great to see a blog from you!!

I hope they finally can figure out what's up with your hip - I know you've been fighting that for awhile.

Kristin50 said...

I have missed you!! Sorry to hear you will not be at BOOBS 3.0 but hey your trip sounds amazing!


Beth Ann said...

No worries, we will just catch you at BOOBs 4.0! :) You are going to kick that ride's booty.

Stephanie M. said...

I'm sad that you won't be at BOOBs but sounds like you've got lots of good stuff going on! It's great to see you posting.

Ronnie said...

You've got alot going on, lady! But you will be missed in Chicago this year. :)

Emily said...


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Thanks and have a great day!

Catherine55 said...

Missing your posts! How are you doing?

Darlin1 said...

I'm thinking the same as Catherine....been thinking about you a lot lately....and wondering what's going on?

Darlin1 said...

OMG....keep wondering what's going on again....