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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stuck. Again.

I am stuck. this time on sour cream and onion potato chips. earlier today i was stuck on some butter pecan ice cream. I know. NOT a banner food day, but I've been stuck on just about everything I've eaten for a couple weeks (maybe more) now and figured today, just today, I'd try some foods that for me are usually sliders if ONLY to enjoy a pain-and-slime-and-pb-free day. No such luck.
As is usually the case with me, I suffer through this for weeks (maybe more) when it happens because I know what will likely happen when I get an unfill --- pack on the pounds.
But you know what, as I sit here at this very moment, I realise that I can't and shouldn't suffer like this any longer. Tomorrow morning Dr D. has clinic and I'll get his wonderful office team to squeeze me in. If not, I'll link up with him and make a date for one of the ER cubicles (bonus of working alongside my surgeon at the hospital!)
This latest string of stuck episodes has also prompted me to start blogging again. Not because I want pity -- my non-banded friends are well acquainted with my band issues and definitely sympathise with me when I get like this. No.... I am blogging because I realise that most of us fall off the blogging wagon when we've no longer got losses and losing milestones to chime in about. But this stuff is important too. For those of you considering getting banded, for those at the start of your journey, for those who like me, are continuing with our struggle nearly two years (or more) after having surgery.
A friend asked me today if knowing all this I'd do it again. I didn't hesitate for a second to say 'hell yeah' because I tried everything else and had no results. my Lapband has helped me achieve the results (and better) than I set out to achieve, but I have learned that there are pay offs.
being stuck on sour cream and onion potato chips with a likely chaser of butter pecan ice cream is one of those pay offs.
Now excuse me while I go and try to force the issue. I'd rather pb than endure this unbearable pain in my gut for a single second longer.


Dawnya said...

Ummm...I love that you work with yoru surgeon. There should be no problem getting your unfill. Feel better beautiful!!!

Kristin50 said...

I hope you feel better soon, and I have missed your blog even thought I keep up with you on Facebook....hehehehehe!

You are such an inspiration for how far you have come, and that is a great reason to keep blogging.

I agree with you 100% even after losing my band. Would I have done it if I had known, hell yes I would have because I lost 140+ pounds with my band before it's removal.

I am glad you are getting an unfill, getting stuck on potato chips is NOT good! Those little suckers always went straight through my little ole band with no problemo!


Ronnie said...

I hope you feel better with your unfill, sweetie!