How I'm Doing So Far

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wide open with restriction

My band has been wide open for 2 weeks now. I'm up about 7lb s which for me is an absolute miracle. I feel this time that had I been Good these two weeks I'd be the same weight. Truth is, I'm wide open and still I have restriction....  when I eat properly. and I haven't all the time... or even close to all the time. Hence the gain. Dr d is back on the island and although I can't make it to his next clinic Thursday, I know if I call he'll sort me out.
But you know what. I'm going to be strong and now that my two week food fest is over I'm going to eat. And drink properly for a week and see if I can manage this myself for a bit.... take on a bit more of the heavy lifting so to speak.
BTW... look forward to more consistent blogging from yours truly. Just got my snazzy new phone and downloaded the blogger app. Yay!


Lap Band Gal said...

Yay! More blog posts :) love it

adorkbl said...

You can do it. Refocus. :) Glad you are not beating yourself up over it. Stay positive!

Dawnya said...

I love that you have restriction with your band wide open. Now get back on the bike (pun) and start eating right. You have a big trip coming up. You have to be at your best.

Sarah G said...

Can't wait to hear more from you!

Ronnie said...

Love that we're hearing more from you! And good luck with managing without a fill - you're my hero. :)

Darlin1 said...

Well....alright....more blogging good!