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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Betsy knows best

She KNEW i had no business eating a whole slice of pumpkin roll in order to determine if it tasted good enough to sell at a charity bakesale. so what did she do? rejected it and back up came most of it. along with lots n lots of slime. that was a good hour ago and i still feel as if another trip to the bathroom could be in order. one of these days i'll learn. maybe.

good thing is, yes, it tasted great so tomorrow i'm going to whip up as many as i can be bothered to do. they'll freeze well for next weekend's bake stall. thursday night i'll be up to my ears making rainbow cupcakes. friday night/saturday morning frosting them. both saturday and sunday i'll be there all day from about 8am working the stall. hoping we raise lots of money to fund our group's various charitable endeavours.

this morning i went to our second lapband support group meeting and once again enjoyed it. it's such a diverse group, but because we share something so fundamental to our lives, we enjoy getting to know each other and sharing stories - good and bad.

spending this evening trying to pick out paint colours for the new house. who knew there were so many colours in the world. yikes.... i'm feeling overwhelmed and wishing i could afford an interior designer to do this part!

Ciao for now


Bonnie said...

Hope your baking efforts results in lots of money for your charity. Good luck.

Read said...

So - okay - note to self - a whole pumpkin roll is too much. Don't do that again. moving on now.... :) I hope the bake stall goes well and raises lots of money.

Christine said...

I'm reading...just wanted to say hello and good morning. I hope you have a great day today!

TheCurvyCat said...

mmmmmm, pumpkin roll!! I learned the same lesson with a corn biscuit a couple of days ago, OW.

Hope your sale goes really well!