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Monday, November 29, 2010

itty bitty portions... and poop

This is my plate from Thanksgiving. When I was serving it up, I was chuckling because I knew my eyes (and the serving spoons) were bigger than my belly... but I was determined to take what I wanted and eat what I could. Now I realise why my friends were all laughing at me.... I thought I'd overdone it and there was really nothing on the plate to start with.... I ate a good amount by eating sloooooowly and chewing well.... but had to share the pic because it makes me laugh out loud!!!

on a completely different topic.... if you've read my blog from the start you know about my bowel issues. well they've gotten far worse post surgery and fill since now i really am eating mostly protein and not getting a lot of fibre in. this weekend i decided it was time for some more smooth move tea.... that stuff really does the job, but i need to find a solution that will work. i can (and certainly should) add more fruits and veggies in by juicing in the mornings... but i know that in juicing i'm stripping out much of the fibre that would help with this particular problem. anyone else suffer in this way? anyone have any ideas????


Something About Kellie said...

I was told by my surgeon to make sure I took benefibre - its a non-tasting powder that can be added to my morning coffee. I don't know if you have that but something similar should be available to you.

Hope that helps.

Justawallflower said...

I use flaxseed. You can buy it fresh and grind it, or buy it already ground up. And what a gorgeous picture!

Christine said...

YES!!! I had this same problem for about a year after surgery. First, use Benefiber in your drinks and soups. It won't solve the problem entirely but it helps. Also try: raisins, sundried tomatoes, and apples. They will all help you poop. Stay away from Smooth Moove because it has Senna in it, which is really harmful and addictive. Take a stool SOFTENER if you need to. Also, coffee. I've been pooping like a mad woman lately since I started drinking coffee every day. Just watch the cream and sugar because those calories add up! Also, check out this old blog post of mine for more ideas: