How I'm Doing So Far

Thursday, March 3, 2011

1/4 cup ain't no food!

Hi all

It's been a while. A shamefully, scandalous long while.

But don't despair, my absence does not mean I've fallen off the wagon. Not in the least. To catch up, I'm going to revert to bullet points:

  • As of this morning I'm officially 168.2lbs
  • That means I've lost 94.2lbs since mid-June.... Holy Crap!
  • I'm 5.8lbs from 100 pounds gone... Holy Crap!
  • I'm 8.2lbs from my initial goal and 18.2lbs from my new goal.... Holy Crap!
  • I've had a number of fills and unfills to get to this point.... Am now sitting comfortably (most days) at 6cc in my 10cc band.
  • Was up to 6.2cc for about 2 weeks and that was too tight. EVERYTHING hurt going down.
  • I've finally come to terms with what 1/4 cup of food is and this has helped. It ain't no food, but it fills me up.
  • I'm still trying to get the right nutritional balance going.... this is hard folks!
  • Can't eat in the mornings (too tight) and so usually only get in 2 baby-sized meals a day...
  • Sooooooo..... need to add a protein shake in every day to increase my nutritional content.
  • Adding a protein shake will allow me to use my other two meals on foods other than protein.
  • I'm wearing size 8 pants now and some of them are getting too baggy.... This is mind boggling!
  • The other day I borrowed a HOT slinky black Calvin Klein dress from a colleague who used to (and still could) model.... It BLEW my mind to think that I'm now in a position to borrow her clothes... 
  • I've been busy.... have started moving some things into my new house and will officially make the move on March 11 or 12. So exciting!
  • The weather has started to turn down here and I've realised I don't have a single bathing suit that fits.... and as much as I'd love to say I could, even at 168lbs and size 8, this is NOT a bikini bod!!!! Tankini shopping, here I come. Maybe by next summer I'll have toned to a point where a bikini will look great.
  • I've missed you guys and am going to spend some serious time catching up as best I can!
  • Although there are times I HATE my band (only because I want to be able to eat more than 1/4 cup of food), I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO... happy I got Betsy :)


amandakiska said...

You have lost so quickly and steadily!

I eat wayyyyyy more than 1/4 cup of food at a time. Not sure I could be okay with that.

Fluffy said...

Way to go! Home stretch! Go you!

Sam said...

Sounds like yopu are in a tight place and it is working for you :o) Congrats on the great weight loss to date!!!!

j said...

I just read your entire blog and am o INSPIRED by your dramatic weight loss! It is amazing how much you have shed in such a short amount of time, and how much will power you have had during the entire thing! Please blog regularly, I love hearing your story. I was just banded a bit over 2 weeks ago and the scale has not moved at all! I love then you got 6cc's straight off the bat, and want to do the same...or maybe 5.5 since you had trouble getting anything down at all.
You are an inspiration! Thanks, Joy

Ronnie said...

Wow, only 1/4 cup at a time? That would be hard! I eat probably 3/4-1 cup at a time.

You'll be in a bikini before you know it. You probably could rock one now, but do what you're comfortable with. :)

You're doing awesome, glad you're back!

TheCurvyCat said...

Yay!!! I've been off the blog thing for a while too, but you've been rocking it and I've been plateau-ing it. LOL!

Size 8 is AMAZING! You really have been working so hard and it's paid off so very very much. YAY!