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Friday, June 10, 2011

Boot Camp cancelled

We've been praying for rain for months on our little rock in the middle of the ocean. It's finally come.

Last night one of the bootcamp leaders sent out a message telling us that if we get up at 4am and it's raining, stay home. If not, be there for 5am sharp. Well 2 things.
1. if i am going to wake up at 4am, I might as well go exercise.
2. i live 1/2 hour drive from bootcamp so chances are it could have been pouring at my house and dry at the site and i'd be paying heavily come monday.

So I got up and it was bone dry at my house. 2 minutes away it was pouring. just drizzling at Fort Charlotte where boot camp is, but getting heavier. 23 of us showed up so I'm not the only fool.

The trainers were concerned about injuries because the ground was really wet and slippery so we headed to the Queen's Staircase (66 steps cut by slaves out of limestone). More sheltered there, but the floor and steps were really slippery because of fallen poinciana tree flowers.

Most are going to try for a 6pm workout, but my friend and I can't because we're joining another friend for dinner to start discussing our 40th bday trip to vietnam next year.

So 5 of us joined 2 trainers at a gym they go to. Wasn't quite bootcamp, but I got a decent workout in.

Oh... and my massage at the vocational college last night was really good. they'd just finished their course on sports massage so it was perfect for what my aching muscles needed. I told the instructor afterwards that my massage was better than many i've actually paid for.


Dawnya said...

I'm glad you were still able to get a workout. Especially since you woke up so early in the morning.

I swear the students who are learning a trade, do so much better than those we pay for the service.

BTW...I gave you the adorable blogger did Cat. So check out our blogs and see your award.

Cat said...

Way to rock the workout in an unexpected way!

As Dawnya said, I nominated you for the adorable blog award! : )

I didn't realize she nominated you too! Guess great minds think alike!

Dinnerland said...

Yum!!! Massage,,,,