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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Make up your FREAKIN' MIND!

So....... I was supposed to get a wee fill last Thursday afternoon, but my doc had an emergency crop up and I was rescheduled until yesterday morning.
I've put on about 5lbs since starting boot camp and have been struggling with hunger. The weight doesnt bother me so much because i'm definitely getting leaner and stronger.
Good lord was this weekend rough though with the hunger thing. Sunday morning even my dbf, who usually hates my band when it's really tight and eating is uncomfortable, said 'you really need a fill. i can't remember seeing you be able to eat like this!'
We were at a breakfast beach party and I scarfed down a whole bowl of stew conch and yellow grits and even nibbled on some johnny cake. I then sat in the ocean picking at boiled garlic crab legs.
When I got home that evening a neighbour called out of the blue and invited me over for turkey tacos.... i ate two... then a sliver of dense, rich chocolate cake. oh and a scoop of ice cream.
Admittedly, it was a lot of food for me, but not by pre-band or normal people standards. Still. I couldn't wait for Monday morning's fill appointment.
Then, I was around the corner from my surgeon's office when I got the call saying they had to reschedule for Thursday afternoon. ARGHHHHHHH!!!! I jokingly (kinda sorta) told the patient advocate who called to tell my surgeon that if i'd put on 10lbs by the time I got to see him it was his fault.
Betsy must have been listening all this time because after I got that call, the fickle band bitch clamped down.
Yesterday I barely ate a few forkfuls of tuna and grits all day. I nibbled on some sausage (i know, not the best option) when i was making some jalapeno dip last night and that came back up... so dinner was not even an option....
This morning I brought in some left over stew conch and although I'm hungry and feeling a bit weak, I just have this sense that nothing's gonna go down even though it's already 1:15pm.
What the HELL!
Soooooo.... I'm just going to see how today and tomorrow pan out and determine if I do actually need this fill after all.


Christine said...

10 pounds in 2 weeks for me.
I'm counting down the seconds before I can get my next fill (1 week).

Cat said...

Is it close to your TOM? I know I get much tighter around that time.

Shannon said...

I get like that too, I can eat whatever and however much I want then all of a sudden can't eat a thing. these bands are fickle. good luck

Nora said...

I seem to have the TOM thing also. On another note, I read your blog for a while last year. You were still doing the exercise/WL routine required by your practice (am I remembering correctly?) before getting banded. I saw you featured on BOOBS this afternoon, so now I am back to following. I was banded 12.9.10... not quite ready for boot camp yet, but I will be at some point:)

Becky said...

Hey Jessica, I'm a new follower (BOOBS blog sent me). I LOVE your new haircut. :) I hope you band makes up it mind. :)