How I'm Doing So Far

Monday, June 6, 2011

I survived (edited to add pics)

this evening was the first G-fit Boot Camp session -  fitness evaluations. Basically we did some warm ups and then a 5 minute run, sit ups, push ups (i knocked out 10 boy ones before switching to girlie ones for the rest of the time!), burpees (hate those), squats, suicides and then another 5 minute run. Good grief! I power walked the last minute and a half or so of that second run.... my legs were like jello!

It was so much fun.... they pushed but weren't in our faces drills sargent-style. today was an opportunity for the trainers to see what they're dealing with.

G-fit is just for Girls. There were 20 of us for this first session and we are all ages and fitness levels. Probably only one standout so far... but clearly she's a runner. I have told myself that whatever they ask of me, I will give them.

This is for me. And my bikinis! lol

We had lots of laughs and even though most of us just met when we pulled up to the Fort this afternoon, there was so much support and cheering each other on. I can see it getting really fun when they break us into teams after the second week. 

Wednesday morning we meet at Fort Charlotte at 5am. Pray for me people. Pray for me!

Sometime after the second week we'll be going out to the Royal Bahamas Defence Force base to use their official obstacle course. Good. Lord.
Will try to get some pics for Wednesday's blog. One of the guys running the boot camp just posted some pics from yesterday on our FB group so I grabbed them for my blog

We were about to start the final 5-minute run... and my group of 5 had JUST completed our suicides. My legs were floppy. Hence the ugly face.

We were getting ready to start our squats here and I think this is the point I was telling drill sargent Dwigh that I needed hands in front for balance or some such crap! lol


Cat said...

Go you!!! I'm so thrilled for you, sounds really tough, but fun too. I love the team feeling and cheering for each other!

Christine said...

I'm glad that you are having fun with the boot camp! GO YOU!!!

Catherine55 said...

Awesome!! I am so proud of you for doing this! I am sure it's not easy, but it will be worth it! :)