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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boot Camp diary day 2

Figure i'll post about boot camp for a while.

So I managed to drag myself out of bed at 4:15 this morning and get to boot camp on time. I was actually the first one there. On the way I had to get gas and inadvertently pulled into the ONLY self-serve gas station on the island.... I know my American friends will get a kick out of the fact that we don't pump our own gas here normally.

Some ladies straggled in after 5am and got extra work to do.... I ain't gonna be late. No way. Not after seeing that.

Boot camp was hard enough as it is. There was a new trainer today in addition to Charles and Dwight. Carlos (aka Satan) was tough. As we were finishing up a 60-second round of burpees, he'd be showing us how to do what was coming next. SO. THERE. WAS. NO. BREAK.

We did all sorts of exercises and most of us were still sore from Monday evening's fitness evaluations. I love how they start off each session with a 5 minute run. Don't they realise that a 5 minute run could BE MY ROUTINE?!?!

Joke is.... after we were done with our hour-long torture session and had stretched.... Dwight mentions that through one of the other trainers (who we haven't yet met) he had 12 free massages at the local vocational training college for tomorrow evening. So first 12 ladies to give him TWO MORE FULL LAPS around the field got them. I did it. I finished about 6th. I don't know where that extra energy came from.

It dawned on me as I was doing this final jog that a year ago, when I weighed 262.5lbs and was in abysmal shape, I could barely power walk 2x around that field.... and that was all I was trying to do.... and here I was polishing off a crazy intense hour long workout with JOGGING two laps.

Wow. We've come a LONG way baby!


Dawnya said...

You are kicking butt and taking names.

I think the extra engery came from the fact taht you would be able to have a free (my favorite word) massage.

Ronnie said...

This is awesome! :) I hope you enjoyed the hell out of that massage!

Cat said...

Fantastic!! I'm so thrilled for you that though it's tough you're doing the boot camp. You are going to be a fitness GODDESS!!

Sarah G said...

Great job! Enjoy your massage!