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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm an athlete.... oh and BOOBS bound!

What a week and a half it's been.
Started the new job and am LOVING it. I'm so busy I don't know what end's up, but i THRIVE in that kind of situation!
On Sunday 11 of my fellow bootcampers and I participated in a sprint triathlon. We put together 4 relay teams and it was an INCREDIBLE experience. I haven't swum competitively in about 20 years.... but on Sunday morning I donned my racer speedo, swim cap and goggles and actually was the first of our four women out of the water. In fact, my time of 15:20 for the 750m swim help up really well against the entire field.
Sunday was one of the most fun days I've ever had. In addition to the 12 of us participating, all five of our trainers came out to support. One is a chiropractor and he brought his table and was adjusting and massaging us before the event.
We also had a few of the other bootcampers out there to cheer us on. We were a heck of a presence out there and it was amazing to be part of something so positive!
The weather was AWFUL all day Saturday and early Sunday, but cleared in time for the event to start. A rainbow formed, but the end was wayyyyy beyond the course buoys!

That's me. I actually look like a freakin athlete! I don't know how my chest got so puffed up or where i got the massive arms, but wow..... i didn't feel uncomfortable RUNNING out of the water, through the sand, up hill to the bike transition area!

This is erin. She lost a leg 7 years ago to bone cancer and is one of the most inspiring women I've ever met! She is in boot camp and she was one of the bikers on one of our 4 teams!

I beat Heather by just 9 seconds! we pushed each other the whole way!

My team came second among our bootcamp teams and third in the women's relays. Considering Nadia (right) was up until Friday night supposed to be the RUNNER on another team and was a great sport to offer to BIKE on my team when my original biker got sick, we did awesome. Bianca (middle) is a HELLUVA runner.
My flight is at 1:45 tomorrow and I haven't even started to think about what I'm packing - haven't had a moment to think about it!!!! I'm not going into the office tomorrow, but have work to do so I guess I'd better get my butt off of here and start getting sorted.
To all those who are also Chicago-bound --- I think I'm first in town so I'll get the city ready for the BOOBS. To those who aren't able to join us, you'll be missed!


Justawallflower said...

Wow, you are awesome, and so inspirational! I can't wait to meet you! And it is so great of you to prepare the city for us. Make sure they are READY!!!!!

~Lisa~ said...

So very inspirational!! My word, Lady you're looking great!!

Amanda said...

This is extremely awesome!

Beth Ann said...

You are totally an athlete!! You look freaking fantastic too!

I would love to do something like this someday. You are totally inspiring.

Ronnie said...

Very inspiring! :) Can't wait to meet you.

trisha said...

girl - you rocked it out!! amazing!! Love the bicep pic! haha