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Thursday, September 1, 2011

shards of glass?! and running on empty

As I mentioned in my last post, Betsy has been tight tight tight for a while now... essentially i've eaten or kept down no food for going on 2 weeks. i was holding out, doing liquids only, in hopes that things would settle down. i'd been at a really good place with restriction (haven't touched my band since JANUARY) and didn't want to get into that guessing game again of where the sweet spot might be.

But I'm headed to Florida on Saturday and my biggest fear is being away and getting so tight that I can't get liquids down.

SO this morning I ate two peanut m&m's out of a bag in the office.... Usually slider foods.... wanted to see how my system would handle solids.

WELL...... I could swear I picked up a handful of shards of glass and tried to ingest that instead. Those little buggers tore up my innards. All day I was in miserable pain. Hours and hours later, I was driving my dog home from her 'salon' and had one hand on the steering wheel, the other holding a cup as I upchucked the rest of those two m&m's and the water I'd been drinking.

I'd called and asked this morning if I could get in for an unfill.... and my surgeon heard my tales of woe and decided not to take out a little bit, but to COMPLETELY unfill Betsy.

Yeah I'm scared. But I have 10 days of no band to help me..... hope I don't do too much damage. Really excited to be able to eat something tomorrow!!!!


Jen said...

That sounds awful, I can't imagine being stuck on something for hours. I was always lucky in that the offending object would come back up almost immediately.
Glad you called for the unfill. I think it'll do you and your band a world of good. Eating food is a goooood thing. Just try not to go on a tour of all things delicious and fattening like I have done since my little unfill. lol :)
Have fun on your trip!

Cat said...

Glad to hear about your unfill. It sounded horrible to have those tiny little m&ms give you such trouble.

Andrea said...

That's horrible! Hope this will be the first step to getting you where you need to be.