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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not long now smurfs!

I have a feeeling BOOBS is gonna be here faster than i ever imagined now that I've started the new job and and hitting the floor running!

Had two days of orientation. Parts very interesting. others not so much. Every key department speaker who addressed us commented that they were excited to hear the new marketing person (me) was onboard as they have lots for me to do! Join the line peoples. Join the line!!!!

I ducked out of the final session this afternoon a bit early to go meet with the president fo the hospital to go over a few critical needs things. Tomorrow I'm gonna be on the go from 8am till God knows when as I have a 6pm meeting to attend!!!! It's all good. I'm excited about the challenges!

OK...... well I typed all that last night and that was as far as I got.

It's almost 5 on Wednesday and it's been a very full, but exciting day. Going to be juggling LOTS of balls, but have a good team to work with so that's great to know.

Have located a file that might/should help me at this meeting so going to sit back and do some reading before that happens!

Goodness.... this time next week I'll be on a plane, getting ready to soon land in Chi-Town!!!!!!

I WILL post tomorrow as it's my BANDIVERSARY! HOLY CRAPOLA it's been a year since Betsy and I became one! What a long, GREAT trip it's been.

And, just confirmed today that I'm going to Chicago again on October 24 for a week for work. Unfortunately the conference is about a half hour drive outside of downtown Chicago.... WHY do they do that? WHY? Went to a conference in Austin last year and we were at this lovely golf resort out in the middle of no where. great for deer spotting in the surrounding woods, but not for anything else. I guess this is where the grown up in me interjects that i'm going there for work and don't need any distractions..... blah blah blah

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Tina said...

wow it sounds like your job sounds fun! I would rent a would pay for it don't you think? Then you can get around a bit more.

Unless there was a great spa I would hate the out of town hotel gig too.