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Thursday, September 1, 2011

A whole new low

I've been bouncing around between 155 and 159 for sooooo long that I pretty much figured this was where my body had decided I should be.

And then it jumped back on the weight loss train. I guess a super tight band that's barely letting anything through coupled with 2x a day bootcamp sessions mwf for this final week of cycle 2 will do that.

Weighed in officially yesterday afternoon at 149.2lbs. That's UNDER my revised goal weight of 150 so I'm here! But I don't quite feel done yet. Anyone else who's gotten to their actual goal weight decided to keep going rather than hop into maintenance? I think part of it has to do with the stupid BMI scale. I am still technically overweight and I desperately want to be normal. Only a few more pounds to get me there.
But how ridiculous that I can be overweight when i'm sporting small tops and size 4/6 pants??????? Ugh!

Ok.... I'm determined to post frequently until we get to BOOBS.... which I can't believe is now THIS MONTH!


Nora said...

You are at GOAL, congratulations!

Ronnie said...

Wow, can't believe your fabulous new low (I mean, I CAN because you're awesome), you're a band rockstar! :)

Dawnya said...

Those damn charts are lies. There is no way in all this green earth that you should be showing up overweight wearing that size pant and top. The charts are wrong.

Can't wait to see your skinny behind in Chicago.

Sarah G said...


Jen said...

Woohoo!!! Congrats on the new low!

You go for whatever you are most comfortable doing. I've seen plenty of folks revise once they get to goal and feel that a higher or lower number is where they'd prefer to be. I think for most of us, we have no idea what we're going to look like or feel like when we get to our number goal.... so it totally makes sense to stop, or keep going, based on how our body looks as we approach (or surpass) that arbitrary number. :)

Cat said...

Woo hoo!!! So excited for your new low. I wouldn't give seroiusly consideration to the BMI chart. They tell people that are muscular and only like 15% body fat that they are overweight. It's only supposed to be a guide for people. :) It doesn't take anything into consideration other than height and weight. Not lean tissue or bones etc. :)

Andrea said...

Yay...congrats!!! I think those BMI ranges are crazy! Who came up with those anyway?!?