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Saturday, October 8, 2011

BOOBS part 2 of however many it takes....

 Here's part 2. I was holding out in part because I wanted to keep the reminiscing going and going and going and give you lovelies something to brighten up your weekend.
Also because I can't access blogs from the office and every day forgot to bring my laptop home!
Had a great day Friday shopping and sightseeing along Miracle Mile with Angela, Fluffy and Stacey - was introduced to the incredible Charming Charlies accessory store by the Dallas contingent.
I *think* this was the day I inhaled a molten chocolate cake at Grand Luxe.... the days and desserts are now all a blur.
It may also have been the day I bought the pink argyle socks that represent my (foolish?) decision to join Angela and Fluffy in the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February!!!!
I'll let the rest of the evening be told as they usually are best - in pictures!

I love this photo of Angela and Stacey being tourists as I was being paparazzi

It was like my heros were transformed into 3D
The lovely Karin and Angela

At Pizzeria Uno on Friday night with Karin and Angela

Can't believe how close Stephanie and I live. Well kinda. 

My roomie for the weekend Stacey

I love that Joey scored Boobs wine for all of us. Apparently
Angela felt the same way!

The Friday night meet n greet was WILD. so many
absolutely incredible women
all with incredible stories to share

In the way background, I think it's Stephanie playing paparazzi.
Then in middle, Angela chats with Dawnya and the anonymous Fluffy.
Such a shame I can't show her face because she's Beauyooooooteeeeeful!
And up front we have Krystal on the left and Read

Angie and Barb, Thelma and Louise

Add caption

More beautiful ladies. Jenn and Amanda

The weekend planners scored amazing stuff for goodie bags
and even had a dreyload of prizes. I won a filtered water
bottle. More on that in a later post

Stephanie, Draz, Joey and Linda
part of the planners extraordinaire team

Barb models her basket from Stephanie's company

Oh to be able to read Krystal's mind right about now.
Ronnie (in purple dress), Stacey and Angela

Draz lends an air of drama to the evening

Two band rockstars - in real life. in the same picture!
Nicole and the absolutely delightful in person
as she is in her blog Catherine

Jen and Angie

Barb gets a "special" gift. You figure it out yet Barb>

Stephanie was on top of things with all the housekeeping
notes and updates

Nicole, Jacquie and Linda

LapBandGal (another band ROCKSTAR) and Betthan (has
to be said with Dawnya's accent btw)
taking pics of Maria and Jen

Itty bitty Lapband Gal and Betthan who
rocked outfit after outfit all weekend

Stephanie, me, Catherine, Nicole and Joey -
can you believe even ONE of us EVER had the words
morbidly obese written on a medical chart?!?!?

Tina, Catherine and Justine who flew in all the way
from England for BooBs 2.0!

Nicole and Joey

Joey: Gimme more lip
Nicole puckers up
Joey: Less lip
All taking place at the very packed karaoke bar

Angie, Stephanie, Sandy and Grace

So we left the karaoke bar because it was HEAVING
with people and a small group of us went to a very
bizarre nightclub to dance to 'bad 80's music' (hey, that was Maria's
sales pitch!) Angela, Barb and I left and were just steps away
from the hotel when Maria called Angela to let us know
Barb had picked up her handbag! Turns out Barb owns the same
bag! Did I mention it was FREEZING and our feet hurt?!?!

Angela gets us all sorted out and we ended
up hanging out in the hotel lobby
with Barb until the others made it back.


Lap Band Gal said...

awesome pics!!!

Cat said...

I absolutely love love these pics! You captured so many different ladies and I seriously love the pic of you 5 ladies with your caption of how hard it is to believe that any one of you ever had morbidly obese on her chart. So amazing the transformations and the inspiration in all of these pictures!

Jen said...

so great to relive so many great moments from last weekend a whole week later, thanks for the recap and the pictures :)

Stephanie said...

Ilove the pictures and thanks for the gift basket plug, although I must say it was actually a gift basket donated by one of our sponsors!!! I appreciate the props though :) It was wonderful getting to know you better and thank you for saying it's hard to imagine we were once morbidly obese. It's hard to wrap my head around that I've changed. :) Hugs to you!!

Stephanie M. said...

Great pictures! I really enjoyed your recap.

Kristin50 said...

Your pictures are awesome! I love getting to see them.

Jen said...

I love this!!! It was so great to meet you..I'm glad you are spacing it out, I am too. Such a great weekend. LOVE your photos!

Barbara said...

You are awesome GirLFrienD.. loved your pictures.. can't wait to see you again.. enjoy your warm weather.. our nice weather is about to end :(

Beth Ann said...

Yeah, I think I officially have a girl crush on you!! :)

Ronnie said...

That makes two official girl crushes on you, you're awesome!

Love all the pics. :)