How I'm Doing So Far

Thursday, December 9, 2010

another big week

Down another 4lbs this week for a total loss so far of 74.8! Wow!

So glad I just sat tight during those weeks where I lost a single pound or nothing at all. Betsy is doing her job and i am doing mine.

It was about Monday night or Tuesday before I could eat properly after that stoooopid run-in with the dough. Now I'm back to normal, but still have tremendous restriction. One of these days I'll learn to take up only the food i can realistically expect to eat.... this morning i filled a container with rice and curried chicken and potatoes and even though it was nothing compared to what i'd have taken in for lunch pre-band.... it was wayyyyyyy too much food for me now.

i'm travelling for the first time since being filled to the brim later this afternoon. it's a short flight over to south florida so hoping the flight doesn't tighten me up any more.

i spent hours last night going through all my clothes and sorting out those that really don't fit any more. i have three pairs of pants that fit me now and none in the next size down so i'll be buying mainly 12's and 10's on this weekend getaway as well as a few things in my current size to get me through the holiday festivities.

it's going to be sooooooooooo weird not heading straight to Lane Bryant and Avenue on this trip!!! In fact, I'm really not sure where to go.... will figure it out quickly I'm sure.

Ciao ladies and have a fab weekend


Sarah G said...

Awesome job!

amandakiska said...

Have a great trip! That's a big loss!

Christine said...

Congrats on the four pounds! In one week?! That's fucking awesome!!!! GO YOU!!! Congrats too on the small pants sizes. You're rocking your band! I think you found a current "sweet spot," so enjoy the ride! I hope Santa brings you lots of new clothes for the holidays!