How I'm Doing So Far

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

She did it again

She does it every single time. I'm talking about Betsy the Band. Everytime I begin to lament that perhaps I don't have enough restriction and need to get a fill (or i this case, a re-fill) she reminds me that she is indeed here and doing her job.
I grabbed a bag of potato chips on my way back to work just now and ate about 1/2 the bag. Until I realised I was stuck. Stuck enough that it wasn't going to go down and so into the bathroom I went and up came the chips. Barbeque if you were wondering. Ugh.
I did have a revelation that squatting at the toilet is strangely easier and more comfortable when wearing boots with heels. lol

Otherwise all's well. I brought in some soup for lunch. wondering if that's going to go down ok now that i've had a pb incident.

Still going to talk with Sam about getting a refill when I weigh in tomorrow morning. By my scales I'm up about a pound or a pound and a half.... not devastating by a long shot and compared to the damage i'd usually do over the holidays, it's pretty damned good. Still.... I'm hungry much sooner than i was before i had to have the unfill and i can definitely eat a lot more than i was able to..... we'll see.


-Grace- said...

Gotta love the finicky bands, eh?

Silverhairedgoddess said...

That's got to be a water weight gain!

I found out today that "Nakita" does not like raw baby carrots - I had the hardest time keeping them down ... I hate to throw up ! after about an hour I felt them finally going down - I do not like that feeling, at all!!

Jenny said...

Everyday is a new day!!

Sarah said...

For some reason I have NO problem with potato chips. Damn them. Even when I have really good restriction chips are awesome. I just love chips.

Looks like you've had great success! Congrats!

Read said...

I find it totally amazing just how finicky these dang bands can be!!

Christine said...

You're a size 10!!! That's fantastic!!! Congrats!!! :-) So excited for you!!!