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Saturday, December 4, 2010

battle of the band

betsy is winning. I'm having a terrible band weekend and I have only myself to blame.

it all started Friday when I got some pea soup and dough for lunch. why I decided to try to see if the dough could go down is beside me. we don't have suet dumplings in our soups here.... no.... these are delicious, thick, gummy, can't be chewed for nothing discs of flour and water.
so as you can guess... I got stuck after a few bites.... very stuck. slime and pb stuck.
a half hour later, idiot me decides to try and force it down again. same results.
I was able to eat some curried chicken and rice that mom made for dinner..... verrrrrrrry slowly (I'm so hating eating cold food)
today i took my niece and nephew to the movies (tangled was fun!) and we had Wendy's for lunch. I had some of a cheese and bacon baked potato, and while it didn't get stuck, I could tell that betsy and my tummy are still mad at me for the whole dough episode..... dinner tonight was a super tender pot roast with steamed veggies and booked new potatoes... I got down a few bites and there was some slime action, but no pb and my insides have ben burning And sore (not relax-like burning though) ever since. I think tomorrow will be liquids only....

ugh and ouch


Silverhairedgoddess said...

That does not sound good :( although I must say you still seem to be eating some really good food!

I am now 2 days away from being able to eat solid food - which will make a total of 28 days having liquids and creamy, pureed soups and even though I am looking forward to solid foods I am kinda of scared about getting stuck once I start eating solids - it does not sound like a happy experience.

Justawallflower said...

I learn about like you, I guess. I had some left overs the other day for lunch, with a piece of garlic bread. It came back up, and I decided to try again. Why I thought it would go down the second time, when it obviously did not want to the first time, is beyond me! lesson learned!

Sarah G said...

Hope all is well now!

Silverhairedgoddess said...

Hay Jessica

How are you feeling now ??- waiting to read your next post !