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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas and unfill damage

so i was up 2.6lbs since last thursday. but i'm still rockin the size 10 pants so no biggie...

i certainly didn't consume 2.6lbs extra worth of food, but being away for the long holiday weekend, every meal was eaten out except christmas dinner and so there's lots of extra sodium n stuff. plus.... TMI warning.... I haven't pooped in DAYS...... usually coffee n benefiber get things flowing, but not this week. i'm sure there's 2.6lbs of poop waiting to be released.

ah well.... i am scheduled for a top up with my surgeon next thursday so will have to wade my way through what's turning out to be non-stop parties this weekend.... argh.... i can do this. i WILL do this. Just a heck of a lot easier when Betsy won't let a damned thing through the pipelines.



Ronnie said...

Not pooping is not a fun time! I hope you can get things...flowing soon. I only do about every 3-4 days now. Can't wait til I'm on solid food and things get more regular. Wow, TMI comment.

Anyway, I wouldn't sweat 2.6 lbs. :)

Silverhairedgoddess said...

Heavens! that's the only negative thing about eating so much protein - someone was saying that Miralax is really good - can't find it here !- hoping to go over to Florida sometime in January and look for it there.

No BM's are a pain in the butt - literally !!! :0

Jenny said...

the bathroom situation can be as fickle as the darn band!

Sam said...

I sure it will drop soon enough :o)

Have a Happy New Year!!!!