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Monday, December 13, 2010

Incredible Shrinking Woman and pic

Holy cow.

I went shopping in Florida this weekend for the first time since starting my weight loss journey.

I bought a couple pairs of size 14 pants to get me through the holiday season and also bought a few pairs of size 12 pants because I found good deals on them. I didn't bother trying them on because I'm wearing 14's.

Well as i was packing last night I decided to try them on just to get an idea of how much longer before they fit. Lo and behold... I am a size frickin' 12! Three different pairs in three different styles, by three different designers in three different types of fabric. All size 12 and all FIT now!!!!

So instead of leaving them at the apartment in Florida until I'm back for Christmas in 2 weeks, I brought them home. In fact, I'm wearing one pair today!!!!

And on the top..... I was shocked to find that in most things I tried on, I'm a medium. wowzers. i'm the incredible shrinking woman.

So I guess when I head over in 2 weeks I'll have to start looking at 10's. To think that not too long ago I was bursting out of my size 20's.

It was SUCH a treat to go into dressing rooms and pick and choose whether I LIKED something and not just buy it because it actually fit and didn't look TOO hideous! I got some cool outfits and the only thing I couldn't find were long boots to fit over my still-monster calves!!!!

Eating wasn't bad over the weekend. Both friends I travelled with are two of my biggest supporters and were good about trying to find restaurants that would work for me. I was fine Thursday, Friday and Saturday and even though I didn't eat a lot.... it seemed it was more than usual and I began wondering if I'd soon need another fill. Well Sunday came and Betsy let me know in no uncertain terms that no fill is needed. We joined some girlfriends who live in S. Florida for a lovely brunch and I managed to eat the two poached eggs and a few little bits of lobster that came with my lobster eggs benedict..... and then we just had dinner. I had a few tortilla chips with amazing artichoke and spinach dip and got stuck like no one's business. It seemed to settle a while later and I managed a few sips of the soup part of my clam chowder and then a few bites of snow crab legs and mashed potatoes.... but nothing much.

Here's a pic of my friends and I at brunch. What I notice is that I look NORMAL!!! I look just like they do even if they are all a few sizes smaller... i don't look like the fat friend in the group!

Ok my lovelies - back to work!


amandakiska said...

You look great!

Silverhairedgoddess said...

First off, size 12!!!!! .... how wonderful.

You look beautiful in the photo and slim !

Can you believe it !!!!! I am so happy for you!

Sarah G said...

Congrats! Great job!

Justawallflower said...

That is so wonderful! You don't look like anyone who ever had a weight problem!

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! I have been following your progress from the beginning..and let me tell you are quite an encouraging story! you go! :)

Bonnie said...

You'll be in 10s in no time. Lucky you!

TheCurvyCat said...

Wowza!! You look fabulous! And I adore your hairstyle too. :D