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Friday, April 8, 2011

Chiming in on Dr Oz

Let me say first... i did not see his lapband episode the other day, but have a good idea of what was said from reading multiple blogs.

I found the outrage being expressed by fellow bandmates interesting because..... I am like these women in terms of the amount of food I can consume. I eat next to nothing and am satisfied. Satisfied meaning I'm not hungry. HOWEVER, I have determined that this is NOT a good place to be indefinitely and am thinking about getting in to see my surgeon next week to arrange a slight unfill. I am below my original goal weight... 7lbs from my new goal weight... i think at this stage of the game I can handle a bit more of the heavy lifting if that's necessary. I KNOW I'm not getting in sufficient nutrition and i have NO INTEREST in being skinny and malnourished.
So I don't think it's fair that so many are calling these women liars.... it's highly likely that this is all they eat. I just hope that they opt to get loosened up a wee bit so that they can consume more and get the protein and calories in.

Much of this post was written in response to a comment left by fluffy on her blog. Check it out as she also has published clips from the show so you know what we're all talking about.


Justawallflower said...

For me the problem wasn't exactly the AMOUNT they were eating, but the things eaten. The one six months out particularly. It was straight liquids. Nobody can drink a few ounces of chicken broth and be satisfied for hours.

Jen said...

Yeah, I'd have to agree with Justawallflower on the liquids thing. I've heard of quite a few bandsters that are on the tiny portions thing through their losing period. Most, though, seem to have a wider variety and larger portions once they're in maintenance -- and I don't think that segment was adequately represented on the show.

Also, what the 6-month girl says at the beginning of the segment that she eats and what is shown on her table are two totally different things. She SAYS she eats throughout the day what she used to eat in one meal. But then it's represented by the mushy spoonfuls thing.

The 6-year girl's diet is a little more reasonable, but still what I would think a losing bandster would eat, not a maintaining one.

I like that both of them make a strong point about the band being a lot of work, and that it's a tool! Neither of them had much to say about exercise as a component, and they both seem to be VERY restricted, which is not the case for all bandsters.


Fluffy said...

Hey, I hope you didn't think I was calling them "liars". It's like Justawallflower said, I have a hard time with the 6-monther only eating those few spoonfuls of liquid mushy stuff. Then the one that is nearly 6 years out like me, I sit there and think, "really?". And, it's not an attack on them or calling them liars for me, it's more how it portrayed the band since those were the only two examples provided and just seemed a bit extreme to me. I hope that helps explain my perspective.

Island Bandit said...

Hey Fluffy

even though I mentioned you in my blog, it wasn't you who suggested they were lying. Sorry if I implied that!

I agree with you guys who are questioning WHAT they are eating.... up until now all the comments I'd read were saying they can't possibly eat that little.

Sorry if I confused

DiZneDiVa said...

My problem with the episode was that showing 2 bandsters who eat so little of the wrong things is not showing the whole picture... I wouldn't want someone to decide whether or not to have a life saving surgery based on the minority who can eat so little and must eat mushies. Most of us can eat normal and just eat much less than before... I just wouldn't want someone to decide either way... based on 2 people's diets. Although I think the 6 year out bandster's diet was more realistic.