How I'm Doing So Far

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Slime and Starbucks

Ok.... so I just slimed all over the bathroom floor in a Starbucks. Ewwwwwww.... was sitting here working when all of a sudden i felt the steady fast flow of saliva building in my mouth... I tried to ignore it but soon realised I was about to blow. So I grabbed my laptop and bag and dashed for the bathroom. Up came some slime. Then another gusher and I didn't realise so much was coming and mis judged my position over the toilet. didn't realise just how difficult slime would be to mop up with those hard non-absorbant paper towels. did i say ewwwwwww.... already. it's turning out to be a sharing day so thought i'd share again!


Jen said...

Oops. That slime can really come on in a hurry. I hate it when it's suddenly like I have a freakin' faucet in my mouth.... run!! heheheh

Ronnie said...

Wow! I haven't had a sliming episode yet, but I'm certainly not looking forward to it after this! Sorry that happened, hon!