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Monday, April 11, 2011

relief.... again

So I got my unfill. It's so wonderful to have a doc who truly listens to each patient and will adjust your band when you feel it's necessary... of course he asks all sorts of questions and doesn't just give in to whims and fancies!

He took me down to 5.75cc from 6cc and instantly I was able to drink the glass of water on offer. In fact I'm quite certain I've drunk more water this afternoon than I have in the past 3-4 days. that feels good!!!!

I had to weigh in again since it was an official visit.. and good lord.... I was down to 153.4lbs.... I was 157.4 at Thursday's official weigh in. I guess that's what not eating and drinking combined with some lovely pb and sliming episodes will do to you! I won't log that because I'm not expecting that low to hold through till Thursday's weigh in now that I can eat and drink.

Everyone please say a little prayer that this unfill has also resolved the acid reflux issue so I can get a good night's sleep tonight for the first time in a week or so. that would be oh so nice.

I think when my folks head over to florida for easter I need to ask them to get me some size 6 pants... i realised today that the relatively new size 8s have already gotten a bit baggy. Madness!!!!

Oh.... and I think my surgeon will be quite happy to see me settle in at 150lbs.... I think he's concerned that I might be losing too much. We'll see. I think if only because I've NEVER AS AN ADULT been there, I'd like to be able to live my life saying i weigh 140-something.

vanity is a bitch. isn't it!


Karen said...

Ahhhhhhh........... nothing feels better than a much needed un-fill. I got one 3 weeks ago after a week of horrific reflux/heartburn. Now it's all gone, and I'm a happy girl :)

Here's hoping that your reflux goes away!

149 does have a nice ring to it, and look at you, only 4 pounds away from it :)

Cat's Chic Chat said...

Hi there I found your blog from Losing the Fluff. : ) I hope you find your unfill to work well for you. Good luck!