How I'm Doing So Far

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I can eat.... and sleep

That little .25cc apparently makes all the difference in the world. On Monday Dr D took me from 6cc to 5.75cc. I ate soups only until Tuesday night and was intrigued to experience actual hunger around lunchtime yesterday. I'd kind of forgotten what that sensation felt like.
Last night I was craving sushi and since I was in the area of my fave sushi joint ordered up a roll for takeout. I was hungry again so scarfed down a piece in the car. Stupid. It got stuck. Thought for most of the drive that I was going to have to pull over and let it back out, but it eventually went down. Thank God. One of these days I'll learn!
I had two pieces last night, three for lunch today and two plus a scoop of ice cream for dinner. Food is definitely going down better, but I'm also having to prevent myself from indulging in the novelty of wanting to and being able to eat all of a sudden. I said I wanted to start doing more of the heavy lifting and rely on the band to be there in case I fall off track and just have to remind myself of what that entails.
More good news. not a BIT of acid reflux since the unfill. I have slept really well since Monday. Ahhhhh.
Been doing well on the exercise front. Had a session with my nutritionist/trainer last night and since I was feeling human for the first time in weeks she worked me hard. It felt good!
Tonight a friend who lives near where I just moved to went for a walk/run. Glad to have quickly found an exercise buddy.
I also went online and ordered some new workout pants - all of mine -- even the supposedly tight capris - are falling off. I also ordered the new EA Active for my wii and the zumba for the wii. I figure I really need to step things up and do more than my walks and two gym sessions each week if i want to whip this body into TRUE bikini shape.


-Grace- said...

Glad you are doing better!

Dawnya said...

I'm so glad you can sleep and eat again. I would die if I couldn't sleep at night. I need my zzz's.

Cat's Chic Chat said...

Ahhh, I bet sleep feels so welcome! And MMMM I absolutely love sushi. Do you have any problem with the nari? or do you get the rolls made with the soy paper that I've heard others mention?

Thanks for stopping by my blog and offering all that good advice about just starting out, I'm learning so much from all you ladies here in blogland!