How I'm Doing So Far

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hungry and full.

So since my slight unfill last Monday afternoon (just over a week ago) I've remembered what it's like to be hungry. It's wild how that happens. A few ccs out of my band (and by a few I mean .25 of a cc) and all of a sudden I feel hunger pangs again. I'm really only feeling them when I should, so that's ok. I'm managing that just fine.
What I am having trouble with is recognising again when I'm full. Or rather, satisfied. Am going to pull out the 1/4 and 1/2 cup measures and use those to portion out my food just in case. I'm generally pretty good about not going back for more once I've finished what's in front of me.
I've had to make a really concerted effort to avoid crap food. Sliders. chips. chocolate (easter candy is OF THE DEVIL). It wasn't a problem when I was too tight because I could only eat a wee bit before being too full. Now that's not so much the case. I'm able to scarf that crap down like nobody's business. And so, after yesterday's consumption of three single-serve bags of chips, a handful of malted easter eggs, 1/2 cup egg salad and about 1/4 cup of leftover fish and 1/4 cup leftover peas n rice, I made a truce. I am not going to bring in any crap to work and if I want some later on, I can only have it when I've eaten my real food. Read: my protein!
So today I have had:
1 cup of skim milk with a package of Milo stirred in
1/2 cup egg salad
1/2 cup of curried chicken and rice
Lots more water than I have been drinking in a long time

For dinner I'll probably have some more of the leftover (from Friday night) fish and peas n rice.

I feel much better today than I did yesterday when I loaded up on crap so that's a real good thing.

I know I can do this without the band being too tight. I want to do this without the band being too tight. Just have to get back into the swing of things and remember how to eat properly after having so much help from the band for so long.

Wish me luck my lovelies.

Oh... and my new walking/running buddy (had to get new partner since I moved to another part of the island) and I are starting the couch to 5k programme tonight.

Wish me lots of luck!


Amanda Kiska said...

I think it is pretty normal to go a little overboard after an un-fill. It is a deprevation induced binge. It sounds like you're doing all the right stuff to get back to normal.

Cat's Chic Chat said...

It looks to me like you're back on track. I also agree that Easter candy is of the devil. : ) I do not even like Easter Candy, but if it's in my house I will definately munch. Its been better this year because I've been trying to be more mindful of triggers. Good luck in all you do.

Dinnerland said...

Good for you for focusing yourself... chocolate has been my devil for the past few days me-self.