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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vote for Sally PLEASE!

I nominated Sally from Sally's Journey with Lapband Surgery for an amazing blog makeover by the incredibly talented Jen of Just Foolin Blog Designs. Our nomination is #10.
Of course LOTS of deserving, awesome bloggers were nominated. But I just want my friends to vote for #10.

This is what I said in my nomination:

Nominee #10: Sally's Journey With Lap Band Surgery
Nominated by: Island Bandit
"Although I absolutely smile everytime i see her bright red toenails in the sand at the top of her blog, I'd like to nominate Sally. At the end of last year she had to have her band removed and she's gained a lot of weight back. she has been an absentee blogger and she's just revealed in a post that the reason for this is she feels like a failure for re-gaining the weight. I want her to know she's NOT a FAILURE! She is hoping now to be approved (by insurance... her doc is ready to go) for gastric. In my mind she's not a failure because she's not giving up!"

Email Jen at and put the number 10 in the subject line. If you follow her blog you get 2 points. Whoever gets the most votes wins a new blog design and I'm sure Sally could use it.
Why are you still here? Go email!

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Fluffy said...

Awesome Nomination!!!!