How I'm Doing So Far

Saturday, May 21, 2011

the worst stuck episodes are..... (and lots of pics)

....the ones where I KNEW BETTER!

I KNEW cracked conch was NOT going to be something I could chew into smithereens. I KNEW this. And STILL, I gave into temptation and ordered a cracked conch snack. And THEN.... I proceeded to eat it in the CAR. Good lord this was one bad idea immediately followed by another.

I ended up having to pull over onto a side street and spit a bit.... luckily it went down without a pb episode. And my pup Sylvia appreciated the snack she got when I made it home and let her have a few pieces before I chucked it in the garbage.

Got a new dress today... I don't think it photographs all that well, but I fell in love with it in this resort boutique and had to have it. Chuckled when i saw it was a one-size fits all dress. Finally those things fit ME!

I also got a little black summer/beach dress coverup thing. I tried on the medium and it looked pretty good. But in the back of my mind were all the comments telling me the white top in the last post was too big. So I trotted over and grabbed a SMALL. And that's the one I bought! Madness!!!

Tomorrow I'm taking my two nephews to Atlantis for the day. The resort has an amazing set up of pools and slides. Hoping the boys are tall enough to go on the big ones, but if not, i'm sure they'll manage to have a blast.... I plan on parking my bikini-clad derriere on a deck chair somewhere with my kindle and chilling.... who knows.... i may do a ride or three as well. Just picture me at one of the following:

and i end with some pics that make you laugh. Sylvia has developed a real taste for ice cream. see for yourself.


Cat's Chic Chat said...

Ooooh!! Love the dress's just beautiful.

And Sylvia...can I say *squeee!* puppy!!!!

Dawnya said...

You look absolutely amazing!!! I love it.

Bikini...dare I think that is possible. LOL

Hope you and the boys have a great time.