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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who IS this person?!?

Tonight, instead of going on a cinco de mayo pub crawl, i headed to my nutritionist/trainer for a torture session and then came home where I was supposed to meet a friend for W1D2 of C25K. She couldn't make it and my legs were a bit sore so instead I took miss Sylvia for a long walk... we even ventured into some bushes for extra adventure!
When I got done with that I trimmed the excess length off my brand spankin new jumprope and did a few minutes.

Who IS this person?

Then, I hopped onto the couch and laptop and picked up with my sometime ago forsaken research into next year's 40th bday adventure.... Two girlfriends and I had talked some time back about going on an epic adventure. We'd talked extensively about where to go... and Vietnam seemed to hit the top of the pile.
I've got to touch base with them to see if they're still up for it.... and get researching and booking.... trouble is, next year is an election year here. We don't have fixed election dates like you have in the US so all we know is the election will have to be held before sometime in May. Two of us work in management in the media and one is married to a politician so elections will have to come first.

Anyway... I started looking at various tours with some companies whose travel philosohies and styles I know and like... and found myself strangely drawn to active adventure trips - hike, bike and kayak Vietnam... and cycle Vietnam.... these would only be possibilities if for some reason I end up doing this epic adventure on my own.... but hiking? biking? kayaking?

Again I ask... who IS this person?!

weighed in this morning and was up to 157.5  i knew i'd be up, but the weight has come down a bit from last week and I still have some restriction when I eat solid proteins so as long as I continue to do what I know i'm supposed to do I am confident my weight will start heading down again. the 153 i hit a month or so ago pre-unfill was brought about by dehydration and starvation so i'm not concerned. we checked the files at the nutritionist's office and i'm down a pound since the last time she weighed me so all's well.

all's well so long as I promise myself to never ever buy easter candy again.... it's all gone... and no... i didn't toss it out or share....


Cat's Chic Chat said...

Great job with the extra exercise instead of extra calories from the pub crawl! I hope you're able to do something amazing for the 40th.

Christine said...

Wow! You are doing terrifically! Looking into adventure vacations sounds sooooo awesome. My hubby wants to do that sometime too. He is 10 years older than me...mid-40s. He said, "I want to do some adventure vacations now while I'm still active and healthy and able to do some really awesome stuff!" Good deal. I mean, we're young, healthy, fit...we should celebrate by getting out there and adventuring, right? I love it!!

Keep up the great work!!!