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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giving clothes away... a dilemma and a question

Something Sam said in the comments section on my last post about going down a size got me to thinking..... am I ready to give away the clothes I've only just grown out of?

In short. No.... DEFINITELY not before I've had surgery.... I just don't trust myself enough yet to run the risk of having nothing big enough to fit in the event I start gaining weight again.

Can you tell this is a 'been there, done that, have a few t-shirts' moment?!?!

At what point did you guys feel comfortable giving away too large clothing? Or am I the only one who's felt this way?


Nella said...

I cant believe I just found you...WOOOOOHOOOOO!

Catherine55 said...

I was really nervous about giving them away! I even did a vlog about it (I think it was my first one)! I was really worried and felt some "What if I need them!" panic.

Once I got down about 4 sizes (I think), I started getting rid of the biggest clothes. It's a great idea to organize your closet by size BTW -- that way if you have smaller sizes around, you won't miss wearing things as you lose. Plus, it makes it easier to identify the too-big clothes and get rid of them!

When I got to size 10, I "lent" my size 14s to Jen (from Life's Little Journey) because I was scared I'd need them later. Now I'm OK with letting them go. It just took me several months of being at this size to really know that I'm not going to go back up again.

Christine said...

I think I was comfortable giving away my clothes when I was, um, about 6 clothes sizes away. So I was giving away my 24s when I was a 18. I was giving away my 20s when I was a size 14, and so on. Four-Six sizes seems "safe" for me to hold onto.
That DOES sound crazy when I write it out like that.