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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Set for Sept 22

To get my band! Well, that's the date the surgeon and I have set. Please, please, please everyone send positive vibes that the insurance company comes through and approves my surgery.
Just found out at my appt that my insurance company just denied another woman, saying she needed to do a year long programme. W.T.F.!?!?!?! If someone is diagnosed with heart disease do they say go off for a year and treat yourself and then we'll approve your quadruple by-pass?
Anyway, I work in news and so we're hoping that, and the fact that the ins company recommended this other woman work with my nutritionist, not realising she's part of the lapband programme, will work in my favour.
So fingers crossed.
I do have my hospital form - diagnosis is morbid obesity. Oh dear lord how I HATE that term!
Anyway, assuming all goes well, I will be checking into the hospital at 9am on the 22nd and surgery is scheduled for 10am. Great thing is my surgeon says I don't have to stay overnight in the hospital unless there are any complications. My mom will take much better care of me than the hospital nurses will :)

oh... and we didn't set a date, but my surgeon recommends I go out and have a meal with the patient advocate to really get an idea of what eating will be like post-op..... chew, chew, chew... the length of time it takes to get through a meal... the tiny portions. I think it's probably a good idea, besides, I like her.

oh.... and I did ask the patient advocate if they shave your lady bits for this surgery and she said yes, that i can go ahead and do it myself if i want. i made her laugh when i told her i was going to get waxed because i don't intend to be dealing with crotch itch along with all the other post op pains!

oh.... and turns out my doc is a stickler for the 2-weeks nothing but liquids before surgery rule. so guess who's going to have a sucky trip to atlanta! I'm going the 14-18th... just before surgery! Ah well. I also asked what his post op food protocol is and it's 1 week clear liquids, 1 week full liquids, 1 week pureed foods, 1 week soft foods and then on to regular food. so that's 6 weeks of no chewing for this chica. just gotta keep my eye (and mind) on the prize.


Christine said...

I don't remember anything about shaving lady bits!!! GASP!!! That would freak me the hell out!

Congrats on getting a date set!

Jocelyn's Journey said...

excited for you! I know you are going to do awesome!

Jen said...

YAY!! You've been doing so well making headway before getting your date, I know this is just going to go wonderfully for you! Congratulations!

Sarah said...

Congrats on getting a date! Hope your insurance doesn't mess around. Shaving of the lady parts wasn't required, thank goodness!