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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I have a date...

with my surgeon. this afternoon. to hopefully set my surgery date!
So hopefully later today I will be posting the date I'm set to get my lapband. Feels like I've been waiting on this forever, even though i only started the journey in mid-June.
Of course I realise that Dr D and I can set all the dates we want, but if the insurance company wants to act the ass, ain't nothin happenin. I still don't understand why my doc waits until after we've had this appointment to start submitting everything to insurance. wouldn't it be better if i walked in today and was told 'great news, they've approved it, now let's look a a calendar'????? ah well.

Thanks Catherine and Christine for responding to my last post about giving clothes away. At least I know that I'm either a) not crazy, or b) not alone in my craziness! I think once I've had the surgery I'll feel more comfortable getting rid of too big clothes.... that and another 2 sizes down :)

My work trip to Atlanta has been set for September 14-18. I've told my boss I'll let him know if I can go on the October 17 trip once I get my surgery date squared away. Ideally I'll be having surgery the week of the 20th September so I have almost a month before needing to travel again. Also would like to have it then because one of my bff's who happens to be one of my biggest supporters in this whole journey is having some eyelid surgery on the 21st and will be down and out for 2 and a half weeks too. I'd have someone to play with while I'm recuperating.

Saturday is going to be interesting.... up at 3:30am to get on a boat and go to the northen tip of the Exuma Cays to spend about 10 hours in a very slow moving boat. My dad and a friend of mine are participating in a 32-mile kayak event from exuma to Nassau to raise money for the Cancer Society. My mom, a friend of mine and I are going along in my dad's boat (captained by another good friend) as one of the support fleet. Pray the weather's not rough! Whenever we get back (they figure they will be paddling for about 10 hours and it's a 1 1/2 hour boat ride down there) there's a beach party to raise even more money. All for a good cause.

So tonight I'm joining my parents and my dad's kayak partner, his wife and kids for their big carb loading dinner at a nice local italian restaurant. I, of course, won't be doing pasta, but will find something else to eat.

Ok. enough rambling. Will post surgery date and official doc's scale weight later today. this morning my scale was 226.4 - down 36.1 in 10 1/2 weeks with no band yet :) Not too shabby


Christine said...

Are you doing the pre-surgery diet currently?

That's so exciting that you'll be getting your surgery date soon! Squee!!

Island Bandit said...

thanks for sharing the excitement, Christine!

As for the pre-surgery diet - I have been on a nutritionist supervised diet since mid-June when i started the 3 month pre-surgery programme here.

Currently no processed carbs and in fact, no potatoes or other natural starches either. We morphed to that plan about a month ago.

Once I get a date, i'll meet with my nutritionist again and she'll start easing me on to the liqiuds only diet that so many have HATED! So assuming I get a date for the week of the 20th Sept, I assume I'll be getting LOTS of use out of my vitamix and omega juicer.