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Sunday, August 8, 2010

proof positive i need this band

just realised it's been a week since i posted. nothing spectacular been going on, i suppose....
until yesterday. i don't know what the hell got into me, but i od'd on junk. thursday evening i bought 11 tubes of fruit pastilles. no idea why i felt the need to get so many since i know i can always go back out to that store and get more if i really need them.... besides the fact that i really don't need them at all. ever.
anyway, as of yesterday evening all 11 packs had been scarfed down by yours truly. i just kept on going. i was aware that i was doing it, but didn't care. felt a bit sugar sick, but kept on going until they were all gone.
i think once i started something in me clicked that if i was headed down that road i might as well get it all over with. fast.
i also think i somehow gave myself license to do it because i don't meet with my nutritionist (and hence don't officially hop on a scale) until the end of the month when i have my surgery date set.... up until now i've been seeing her every week or 2 weeks so there really wasn't room for foolishness.
anyhow, today was another day and apart from indulging in the three cheetos my 4 year old niece insisted on sharing with me, i've been on track. and i will be tomorrow.

on a positive note, i ordered two pricey tools that my nutritionist feels will help me tremendously - an omega masticating juicer and a vitamix blender. my dbf is insisting on paying the damage, so i don't feel utterly that i'm going to come through this whole process healthy, thin and broke!

ok. that's me. gonna go check on the 4 year old. it's been awfully quiet in that back room :)


DiZneDiVa said...
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DiZneDiVa said...

I need to start blending things... This last fill has me able to eat mouch less and I am afraid I will not get enough protein in without protein shakes... I am a new follower, I was banded March 23rd, 2010. *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Check out my blog at

Anonymous said...

I hear ya girl..I did the same thing last week. It's like this little devil is on my shoulder telling me it "tastes should eat it all!.."..argh..hang in there!

Christine said...

I love my juicer, and with you getting so much fresh fruit you can make some amazing recipes! Just watch your calories (portion sizes, sugars) because juicing can be pretty cal-o-rific.