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Monday, August 2, 2010

a Lazy holiday Monday photos included

It's Emancipation Day here in The Bahamas. The day we celebrate the end of slavery in our country. Freedom. I'm celebrating emancipation from all that weight i've been carrying around :)

Not got much going on today other than getting my hair coloured. my good friend and hairdresser is horrified by the grey streak i've been letting show for a while now and insisted i come into the salon today since she's working to make up for being off last week and taking next weekend off!

Spent yesterday over on Rose Island - a short boatride from Nassau. it's usually a day of overindulgence on all the incredible food everyone brings. But this time I went with a plan and pretty much stuck to it. Mom and I made chicken and veggie kebabs to grill for everyone so that was definitely on my plan. I also ordered and took a huge batch of fresh conch salad. Another winner on plan. I avoided the chips and dips, brownies, potato salad and sodas. Had a bit of the turkey kielbasa, chicken kebabs, conch salad, lovely salad, fresh fruit salad and one small rice krispie treat over the course of a long day. And drank my weight and then some in water. Felt good to not come away feeling stuffed to the gills.

Anyway, here are a few pics for your enjoyment!
Here's our umbrella city set up on Rose Island yesterday. it really was hot and the ocean was just the right temperature to sit in all day. I'm on the right with the big floppy hat! Notice my ever present Tervis water cup :)

I just snapped this one of me on my balcony as the rain clouds make their way across the harbour. One of the least horrific pics of me I've seen in a while!!!!

I snapped this pic of the ocean and eastern end of Rose Island. It was the first day of crawfish (lobster) season here yesterday so the beach wasn't really crowded at all.


amandakiska said...

Beautiful! How lucky you are to live in such an amazing place. And you are adorable!

Carmen said...

ahhhh...i feel relaxed just looking at your pics! lovely, just AND the scenery :-)

Island Bandit said...

awwwwwww..... you guys are sooooooo kind! Of course later on in the day I took progress pics and saw myself in a whole new light! lol.... all part of the process, I suppose.

Catherine55 said...

I've spent Emancipation Day on Rose Island! So nice to see your photos! :)

Island Bandit said...

Thanks, Catherine. So nice to have someone on here who can relate to where I'm coming from :)

It was stunning out there on Sunday. can't wait til next year when I aim to be prancing around in a bikini :)