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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Worse than a kid on Christmas morning

Today I have my boodwork and physical work up to determine if i'm healthy enough for lapband surgery. it's the final step before my meeting with the surgeon on august 26 when hopefully we set a date.
I took the day off work because i have to go for blood work at 10 and then at 1:30 have the other tests and the doctor's office is on the other end of the island.
Figured I could sleep in today. So why did my eyes pop open at 5:45 and I was wide awake. Like a little kid on Christmas morning. Who am I kidding. Like me on Christmas morning!
I was instructed to have nothing but water after 10 last night. I scribbled a note saying 'No Food' on a piece of paper towel and stuck it on the fridge. I'm not a late night eater, but I could totally see myself forgetting and going ahead and making and eating breakfast this morning!!!

Ooooh. One scale victory and one NSV to report.....

Hopped on the scale this morning and despite my weekend indiscretions with the fruit pastilles, I am on the cusp of seeing 229 on the scale. it was 230.4 today. Yipppeeeeee.

And yesterday, one of the cute young reporters I work with popped into my office to chat about some work and all of a sudden said 'you got a hot date tonight, huh'. i asked why he'd assume that. he said i looked really nice. i commented that i'd not even bothered doing my hair. just showered, combed and go. he said 'that's why it looks sexy'. lolol.

oh and i guess this is another NSV

I catch my reflection in the mirror these days and I swear I look 10 years younger than I did mid-June when I started this process. The horrendous dark circles I had as a result of adrenal fatigue are gone.... can't remember the last time i wore undereye concealer and just a few short months ago i couldn't leave the house without it!

Man I'm hungry!!!!


Christine said...

A hot reporter called you sexy?
Dude, you should totally shower and do your hair more often, then.

-Grace- said...

Nice NSVs! Keep us posted on the appointments!

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

I am so excited for you! Great NSV's too! Please let us know how things go!