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Saturday, October 2, 2010

First encounter with a waitress

"You really ARE a small eater!"

Yup. That was my first post-band encounter with a well meaning waitress.

A friend and I ventured out today to the downtown area and I said we could do lunch, just needed to check out menus. Well we hit up a lovely little Greek place because I knew they'd have good hummus (never mind that I had hummus for breakfast!)

I ordered the hummus appetizer and picked at it. Did not touch the pita bread that I'd forgotten to tell her not to bring. I probably ate about half of the 3/4 cup I estimate was served up.

When the waitress came to clear my friend's plate, she said what I posted above. If she only knew!

What I'm amazed at is I've been making a really concerted effort to get in all my water today. Drank a sports bottle while taking my walk around the neighbourhood this morning and have been drinking a lot all day. It's about 4 1/2 hours since that meal and I'm still quite satisfied.


Drazil said...

Ha - that's a good story...probably an NSV.

Sam said...

I love the waitress story. I had something similar happen on my birthday :-)

Justawallflower said...

That is a wonderful story! I can't wait for that to happen to me! We went to Applebee's last night for dinner, and my husband was talking about how when we go out in the future we will need to share a meal!

TheCurvyCat said...

Hehehee~! Great story!

Christine said...

Ha ha, isn't that great?! Get used to it!! :-) Those comments will follow you around for the rest of your life!

Jenny said...

They always ask me if something was wrong with my food!

Great story!