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Thursday, October 21, 2010

my first fill - a recap

first off. i survived.

before i get into the blow by blow, i'll share my surgeon's pre-fill protocol since i know it's always interesting to see how there are so many different sets of rules.

  • lots of water in the days leading up to it so you're well hydrated
  • soft foods the day before
  • refrain from having a large fill the night before
  • liquids only the day of (that's leading up to and for the rest of the day after)
  • no cold liquids within a half hour of fill
  • no fill if it's your time of month or TOM is coming within three days
and that's it.

my fill appt was at 6 this evening. i weighed in and have lost 3lbs in the past 2 weeks. hoping it now kicks into higher gear.

so after i was weighed in, i hopped up on the table and pulled up my shirt. Dr D was there, but an associate from Belgium (i think he said) who's working with him did the actual fill once Dr D located my port.
the only pain was from the burning of the numbing shot... but it really wasn't painful... 
not sure if i felt or heard when he hit the port initially.
the weird thing was feeling something inside me as he was injecting the saline.... not so much like my stomach was being squeezed, but almost like a balloon was being blown up inside me... just felt tight inside. weird. wasn't expecting that.
so in my 10cc band i got 6ccs today!!!! water (well some ensure) went down, but i certainly couldn't gulp anything down. i only had a few sips and can still feel them going down, but definitely no urge to pb.
Dr D said hopefully i won't have to go back in till first week of december, but i do have to go in weekly to weigh in.... part of the deal!
he also said another week or so before i am cleared to get back in the gym. hoping the rainy afternoons let up so i can get my evening power walks in until then.

even though i'm cleared to start full foods tomorrow, i think i'm going to ease into it with pureeds or softs. this is gonna be interesting.


Bonnie said...

Glad your first fill went well. 6 ccs is certainly a big girl fill. I only got 2 ccs my first time. Luckily I could go in every 2 weeks until I felt restriction. I felt pretty good restriction after each fill, but unfortunately it only lasted a week or so. The last fill took me to 7.5 ccs and I feel pretty good restriction. My protocol is nothing to eat 3 hrs prior to a fill. Clear liquids after fill for 24 hrs - then full liquids - then soft food.

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

6ccs!!!! Wow! I just had my 3rd fill and I have 3.5 in my 11cc band. I think the first time I had a fill he put 4cc, and I could not swallow my own spit. So he took some out. I have asked to go be very conservative with my fills, and he has. Good luck!

Christine said...

That's a HUGE fill! You're going to notice a massive difference now. Please take it easy when you eat because it'll be a big adjustment at first.

amandakiska said...

That is a BIG GIRL fill for sure! Wow! Hope it isn't too much. Be sure to take small bites, chew thouroughly, eat slowly and be aware as you eat. I think mushies sound like a good idea for a bit.

Silverhairedgoddess said...

Did you have any input on how much he put in ? Or is that what Dr. D. does normally the first time?

Do you feel very tight (as I have read some of the other feel after their first fill) or what. Please let me know -


Libby said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. I am getting my first fill Nov. 3 and I asked how much they typically put in the first time. I was told between 3 and 5 CCs (I have a 10CC band). It will be interesting to see how it feels but I am looking forward to some restriction.

Libby at