How I'm Doing So Far

Monday, October 25, 2010


just when i thought either Betsy was loosening her grip on my innards.... or i was starting to get used to this sensation..... I had lunch.

Well.... let me re-phrase.... I tried to start lunch.

Breakfast was a mini Baby-bel light round and half a leftover clif bar. i nibbled at both and they generally went down ok.

An hour afterwards i started sipping my water in earnest. Managed to get through most of a 20fl oz bottle before deciding it was time to try lunch. Note. I wasn't in the least bit hungry, but i have to find a way to get my nutrition in.

so i grabbed my orange coloured baby spoon (i got a multi pack) and started in on my non fat chobani peach greek yogurt. managed about 3 little spoonfuls and it really feels like i'm force feeding it down.

i'm beginning to wonder if Dr D put the band around the bottom of my throat instead of the top of my stomach (ha ha) because since the fill it's felt like i have a huge lump in my throat.

So i stopped the force feeding and will try some more in a minute. i've got to get these 14 grams of protein in!

Thanks Christine who shared that when you get close to the sweet spot.... which i could be with an initial 6cc fill.... that your stomach is a bit swollen and you just have to ride with it to for a while see if you truly have restriction.


Nikki said...

Perhaps it was all the water you had? I've been told not to drink 30 min. before you eat - it causes false sense of restriction and fullness? Just a thought....yay for good restriction :)

Bonnie said...

I'm at 7.5 in my band and haven't felt major restriction yet. Hoping my next fill will do the job. Our cruise is stopping at Nassau and we are going to Atlantis. Must be great living in Nassau.

Silverhairedgoddess said...

Yes, I remember either Sam or Dr Patti saying to stop drinking 30 minutes before you eat and one hour after you ate. Lots of new rules to follow

- Kind of scary - my stomach kind of jumped when you described how it felt when you tried to swallow.