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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Food, food, glorious food

********WARNING....... POST CONTAINS FOOD PORN************

Today I graduated to soft foods in grand style.

I'd told my best friend that I was going to make tuna and yellow grits for my first soft food day breakfast. She loves it so after she dropped her kiddos off at school, came over to indulge. I gave her a healthy portion then put less than a 1/4 cup of the grits and a half cup of the tuna in my bowl... and I couldn't finish it!

Once the torrential rain eased up and i had gotten out of my pjs, showered and dressed, we ventured out.
Went to my construction site so she could see how my house is coming along. i'm getting excited now that it's really taken shape.

Afterwards we decided to go to this lovely little restaurant out that way that does tasting menus. You get three different dishes and they're all geographically themed. There was indian, english, spanish, and a few others. I opted for the English themed menu because it had the most soft foods.
First up was the most delicious potato and leek soup. I figure there was a good cup of it in the bowl. I had less than half because I wanted to pace myself.
Next up were fluffy sausage rolls. Even though these aren't technically soft foods I had 3 of the six on my plate.
Finally was a half a salmon filet with a delish dill sauce. It was cooked to perfection and i ate it all, even though I was a bit full.

I was so amazed at how I just wasn't hungry. Before I embarked on this adventure I surely would have scarfed it all down and then possibly ordered dessert.

I'm still quite full so just had a glass of skim milk for dinner. Wonder what it's going to be like when I actually have some saline in my band.

Onto other things.

  • Sad days here in The Bahamas. A charter plane crashed moments after takeoff yesterday and all 8 people onboard died. I ended up working the entire afternoon into the evening updating our newspaper website. At least i can do that remotely.
  • This afternoon a friend called to ask if I'd heard about another plane crash.... turns out a 4-seater crashed in the Berry Islands north of here. Two prominent businessmen - father and son... the son was flying the plane.... and their wives... the young wife is pregnant. Various injuries, but the pilot was in pretty bad condition. Lots of prayers going out for lots of people this evening.
  • Went to the dentist yesterday morning to get the crown put back in. The crown had come loose and what's left of the tooth underneath is decaying. that's how it came out while i was just drinking liquids. there's not enough left for him to get the crown back in so he says my best (read only) is extraction. And of course it's not a simple extraction so he referred me to an oral surgeon. my only question - 'can i be sedated for this?' I am the world's biggest dentalphobe. it's bad. turns out this surgeon can sedate me and i was scheduled for friday morning. but when they called to confirm the appt today i found out i wasn't booked for sedation just a 'routine extraction'. i explained to the nice lady on the phone that if there was no sedation her boss wasn't getting anywhere near my mouth. they don't do sedation on first visit (who the hell knows why) and he's not in office till Friday and has to leave at 12 and is booked solid from me at 8:15 until 12. I explained that i'm just coming of 2 1/2 weeks medical leave and can't see being able to take time off for this anytime soon.... she said come in friday morning on an empty stomach and let's see what he can do. Argh! I am more worked up about this procedure than i ever got leading into my band surgery.
  • Have spent this evening packing boxes. Don't know how I'm going to get this all done, but figure if I try to tackle it a room at a time I'll see progress and be more motivated. This is a lot of work and doesn't help that I still shouldn't be lifting heavy things (like boxes filled with books and stuff).
  • My closet is emptier. I sorted through all my clothes and have a HUGE pile of clothes that are way too big for me already. Too bad I can't participate in the sisterhood. Will have to start my own version of it here possibly. A friend's mother has started the pre-op part of the programme.... Not sure what size she wears, but if she can use it, she gets first dibs.
Ok - that's enough rambling from me... besides... I have boxes to pack!

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Fluffy said...

Sounds like things are continuing to go well band wise - yippee! On the tooth, I am right there with you. Hopefully they'll be a bit flexible and just get you taken care of...with sedation!