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Sunday, October 10, 2010

groupies and sisterhoods

Yesterday I went to our first lap band support group meeting. I must admit I was hesitant at first.... never been much into the whole 'group thing'. but i'd promised i'd go and so go i did. and i'm so glad i went. There ended up being 6 of us including Sam, one of Dr Diggiss' first patients and his patient advocate. There was a lady who was banded in Mexico 4 years ago.... Her before pic was circulated and she shed many pounds and at least 10 years! She was such a wealth of information for a newbie. Sam was banded about 2 years ago, then there was another lady who'd had surgery in Mexico in August, a woman who had it done here with Dr D the week before me and finally a lovely lady who is headed to Mexico in early November because her insurance company (same stinkin one I have) denied her too.
Sam is headed to mexico with her which I'm sure will be a tremendous help. I've felt since my ordeal that ALMOST had me heading overseas for surgery, that Dr D may need to align himself with one of those docs/facilities. I would much prefer to see the people who have no choice but to go that route come into it through our intense programme so that they're as prepared for the big changes as I am.
It was a lot of fun and I suppose much as was the case for those of you who attended BOOBS in Chicago, it was a blessing to be in the company of a group of lovely women WHO GET IT! We have such different lives, but have shared the same struggle.
The night before BOOBS my friend and her mother who's already started the journey towards bandhood came over to chat about how it's going. I also wanted to give her first dibs at the huge pile of clothes I had to give away. It was great to see her try things on and have clothes to get her through the next stage of weight loss.
I took what was left to the meeting and there were a few women who were able to make good use of my cast offs.
I must say that giving them away so soon was a HUGE step for me. It means I AM NOT GOING BACK. But scary nonetheless to make that sort of committment.


Bonnie said...

Glad you found the support group helpful. And good for you not holding on to your big clothes.

Maria said...

I'm glad the support group was good!

Christine said...

How wonderful that your support group was fulfilling to you! And that was really nice of you to give away your clothes that are too big. I bet they LOVED that! :-)

DiZneDiVa said...

I didn't like my first support group but I went to a new one and now I go to that group every month... Tonight is the group and I am excited... The topic is "Are you a food addict?" Which is a great one for me... I am really glad I found this new group so much closer to home and I am thrilled that i went to BOOBS... I met a bunch of women from all walks of life who GET IT... I encourage us all to get together with a boob or 2 or 60... It is great fun and you will probably make a lifetime friend or 2 or 60. *Maria*-"This one time at BAND Camp..."